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How To Use - Panasonic MJ-L500 Operating Instructions Manual

Slow juicer
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Before Use
-Preparations of ingredients for frozen dish-
Prohibited ingredients
<Ingredients that may cause part damages>
Ice and deeply frozen ingredients.
Coffee beans, dry beans, grains etc.
Pumpkin, sweet potato etc.
(Frozen when raw or after being boiled)
● Bread, rice, noodles and pasta.
● Liquor, salad oil, other cooking oils.
Ingredient preparation
1 Peel skin and remove large and/or hard seeds and stones etc. from ingredients such as apples,
pineapples, oranges and avocado.
For citrus fruit, peel thin skin to have better texture.
For tomatoes, boil them and peel skin.
2 Cut ingredients into pieces that small enough to fall down into the feeding tube.
(Less than 3 cm cubes.)
3 Freeze ingredient.
When freezing ingredients, spread them flat on an aluminum tray to
avoid touching each pieces.
4 Thaw frozen ingredients at room temperature until a fork can penetrate to centre.
(approx. 5-30 minutes)
● When thawing is insufficient, ingredients are not mixed or they do not become a smooth texture.
● Do not use re-frozen ingredients or ingredients which are stored in a freezer long period time.
● Frozen ingredients should be use within one month.
I f frozen ingredients are used immediately after taking out from a freezer, it may cause malfunction
on the appliance.
with frost attachment

How to use

1 Install parts on the motor housing and assemble the lid. (P. GB12-14)
2 Prepare ingredients. (P. GB15-16)
3 Place containers under the juice spout and pulp spout.
When using the frost attachment, placing the pulp
container is not necessary.
4 Insert the mains plug into a house hold mains socket.
Press the
"ON" button.
Feed ingredients into the
feeding tube slowly and
push them down by using
the food pusher.
Feed ingredients little by little every
approximately 5 seconds.
When using more than one kind of
ingredients, feed them little by little
Do not force to push ingredients into
the feeding tube.
In the case of jamming of ingredients
or idle running, press and hold the
"REVERSE" button for several seconds
(P. GB11).
After extracting is completed,
press the "OFF" button and
close the spout cap.
After use
Pull out the mains plug.
Use the tip of cleaning brush to remove the pulp from juice spout and pulp spout.
Remove parts and clean them. (P. GB18-19)
Do not move the juicier by holding the lid or juicing bowl. (Falling may cause injury.)
Depending on ingredients (especially hard ingredients), their pulp may mix into the juice.
If pulp is disturbing your drink, strain your drink.
When pulp is not coming out or pulp is getting accumulate back of the pulp spout and or top of the juice
attachment, turn the switch off and remove them.
Food pusher
Feeding tube
Open the
spout cap
Pulp spout
Juice spout
Pulp container
Juice container