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Cisco SPA 303 Series User Manual page 2

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Soft-key buttons
Navigation button
Messages button
Hold button
Setup button
Mute button
Headset button
Volume button
Speaker button
Placing or Answering a Call
Basic techniques to answer a call:
• Press the Speaker button.
• Press the Headset button.
• Press a green line button to place a call or a red flashing line button to answer a call.
Techniques to place a call without dialing a number:
• Press the 'redial' soft-key, then move up or down by soft-key to reach and 'dial' the last number.
Placing Internal (extension) Calls
Basic techniques to call extension:
• Dial the extension number using keypad then pick up the handset.
• Dial the extension number using keypad then press the Speaker button.
Press a soft-key button to perform the action shown
on the label on the LCD screen above.
Press an arrow to scroll left, right, up, or down through
items shown on the LCD screen.
Press to access voice mail.
Press to place a call on hold.
Press to access a menu to configure features and
preferences (such as your directory and speed dials),
access your call history, and set up functions (such as
call forwarding).
Press to mute or unmute the phone. When phone is
muted, the button glows red. A flashing mute button
indicates the network connection cannot be found.
Push to turn the headset on or off. When the headset
is on, the button glows green.
Press + to increase the volume and - to lower the
volume of the handset, headset, speaker (when the
handset is off the phone), or ringer volume (when the
handset is on the phone).
Push to turn the speaker on or off. When the speaker
is on, the button glows green.
Use to dial outbound calls, enter letters, and choose
menu items.



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