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Alarms; Electronic Functional Description - Viking VCSB483D Service Notebook

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Display Panel Operation
Lower Temp Pad
Lowers temperatures setting one bar at a time.
If entry tone is on, tone will sound at each bar
level until bottom level is reached.
1. Turn on temperature setting function of
control panel be pressing Lower Temp Pad.
2. Press and hold Lower Temp Pad to lower
temperature setting at a faster rate.
Max Frz Pad
Activates Maximum freezer mode setting freezer
temperature to coldest setting for 24 hours
1. Max Frz indicator light will glow.
2. To turn off Max Frz, press Max Frz pad
3. To adjust maximum freezer mode time refer
to Program Mode B functions.
Max Ref Pad
Activates Maximum refrigerator mode setting
refrigerator to coldest setting. Current factory
setting is 10 hours
1. Max Ref indicator light will glow.
2. To turn off Max Ref, press Max Ref pad
3. To adjust maximum refrigerator time refer
to Mode B functions. Factory setting is 5.
Alarm Off Pad
Turns off alarm signals. See Alarms section to
interpret alarm signals.
1. Press and hold Alarm Off pad for 3 seconds
to deactivate Door Open alarm.
reactivate Door Open alarm, press and hold
Alarm Off pad for 3 seconds.
2. If Alarm Off pad is pressed and condition
causing alarm is not corrected, alarm will
Hidden Button
Activates Program Mode. See Program Mode
section for description of functions available.
1. Open refrigerator door.
2. Press Display On pad.
3. Press * pad.
4. Within 6 seconds press the following pads in
this sequence: Max Ref, Max Frz, Max Ref,
Max Frz.
5. Tone will sound 3 times and control will be
in program mode A.
Display Off Pad
1. Deactivates control panel.
2. Deactivates temperature indication area
of control panel.

Electronic Functional Description

Power Disconnect Switch
Use power disconnect switch to disconnect
power without unplugging refrigerator. Power
disconnect switch is located behind air grille on
top right side. Refrigerator is shipped with
power disconnect switch in the On position.
Showroom switch allows electronic controls and
interior lights to function independently of
refrigeration system.
located behind air grill to right of control panel.
Refrigerator is shipped with showroom switch in
unit run position.


Power Up Alarm
After power is initially plugged in, after a power
loss, or if power switch is turned off, all
temperature indicator lights will flash until
Alarm Off or Display On is pressed.
Door Open Alarm
Alarm tone sounds and indicator lights blink if
either refrigerator or freezer door is open more
than 3 minutes.
1. Turn off Door Open alarm by pressing
Alarm Off pad or by closing door.
2. Deactivate door Open Alarm by pressing
Display On pad and then press and hold
Alarm Off pad for 3 seconds.
3. Door alarm delay can be adjusted in
Program Mode B.
High Temperature Alarm
Alarm sounds and indicator light shows if
freezer or refrigerator temperature has gone
above critical level and remained warm for 2
Alarm tone stops if temperature falls
Showroom switch is


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