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To avoid electrical shock which can cause severe personal injury or death, disconnect power
to refrigerator using power switch before servicing. Wires removed during disassembly must
be replaced on proper terminals to insure correct earth ground and polarization. After
servicing, reconnect power using power switch.
Refrigeration and Defrost Component Checks Made at High Voltage Board
Low voltage board input
High voltage board input
Compressor/condenser fan motor
Compressor/condenser fan motor
Evaporator fan motor relay
Evaporator fan motor
Defrost heater
Defrost heater relay
Defrost terminator
DC fan output voltage from
high voltage board to fresh food fan
or condensate evaporator fan
DC fan input voltage
signal to high voltage board from
low voltage board for fresh food
fan and for condensate evaporator fan
Filament voltage at pin 11 and 12 = less than 5VDC
NOTE: DC voltages are read from side of resistor which is closest to the 12 pin connector.

High Voltage Board Check Points

W1 to D11
E10 to E9 (Neutral) or ground
"ON" = E4 to E9 (Neutral) or ground
"OFF" = E4 to E9 (Neutral) or ground
"CLOSED" = R7 to ground
"OPEN" = R7 to ground
"CLOSED" = R8 to ground
"OPEN" = R8 to ground
"ON" =E2 (Neutral) or ground
"OFF" = E2 (Neutral) or ground
"ON" = E6 to E9 (Neutral) or ground
"OFF" = E6 to E9 (Neutral) or ground
"CLOSED" = R9 to ground
" OPEN" = R9 to ground
"CLOSED" =E5 to E9 (Neutral) ground approximately 115VAC
"OPEN" = E5 to E9 (Neutral) or ground
"ON' = E1 to ground
"OFF" = E1 to ground
"ON" =R10 to ground
"OFF" = R10 to ground
approximately -25VDC
approximately 115VAC
approximately 115VAC
approximately -11VDC
approximately -25VDC
approximately -11VDC
approximately -25VDC
approximately 115VAC
approximately 115VAC
approximately -11VDC
approximately -25VDC
approximately -25VDC
approximately -11VDC
approximately -25VDC


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