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Setting the Torque
With the torque selector switch 6, you can
preselect the required torque in 8 steps. When
the torque setting is adjusted correctly, the in-
sert tool is stopped as soon as the screw is driv-
en flush into the material or when the set torque
is reached. In the "
" position, the safety
clutch is deactivated; e.g., for drilling.
In left rotation the safety clutch is deactivated.
Switching On and Off
To start the machine, press the On/Off switch 5
and keep it pressed.
To switch off the machine, release the On/Off
switch 5.
Adjusting the Speed
The speed of the switched on power tool can be
variably adjusted, depending on how far the
On/Off switch 5 is pressed.
Light pressure on the On/Off switch 5 results in
a low rotational speed. Further pressure on the
switch results in an increase in speed.
Fully automatic spindle locking (Auto-lock)
When the On/Off switch 5 is not pressed, the
drill spindle and thus the tool holder are locked.
This enables screws to be screwed in, even
when the battery is empty and allows for the
machine to be used as a screwdriver.
Temperature Dependent Overload Protection
When using as intended for, the power tool can-
not be subject to overload. When the load is too
high or the allowable battery temperature of
70 °C is exceeded, the electronic control
switches off the power tool until the tempera-
ture is in the optimum temperature range again.
Protection Against Deep Discharging
The Li-ion battery is protected against deep dis-
charging by the "Electronic Cell Protection
(ECP)". When the battery is empty, the machine
is switched off by means of a protective circuit:
The inserted tool no longer rotates.
Bosch Power Tools
Angle Selection of Drill Head (see figure D)
The drill head can be locked in 5 different angle
positions. Push the release button 7 and swivel
the tool head to the required position. Then, let
go of the release button 7 again.
Before starting operation, check if the drill
head is locked in the respective angle posi-
tion. Danger of injury.

Working Advice

Apply the power tool to the screw only
when it is switched off. Rotating tool inserts
can slip off.
Utility Clip
The swivelling utility clip 8 can be used to hang
the power tool onto a hook. In this manner, both
hands are free and the power tool is ready to

Maintenance and Service

Maintenance and Cleaning

Before any work on the power tool, remove
the battery.
For safe and proper working, always keep
the machine and ventilation slots clean.
When the battery is no longer operative, please
refer to an authorised after-sales service agent
for Bosch power tools.
If the machine should fail despite the care taken
in manufacturing and testing procedures, repair
should be carried out by an after-sales service
centre for Bosch power tools.
In all correspondence and spare parts order,
please always include the 10-digit article
number given on the type plate of the machine.
1 609 929 R74 | (16.12.08)
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents