Dust/Chip Extraction; Starting Operation - Bosch GWI 10,8 V-LI professional Instruction Manual

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Note: The battery is supplied partially charged.
To ensure full capacity of the battery, complete-
ly charge the battery in the battery charger be-
fore using your power tool for the first time.
The lithium ion battery can be charged at any
time without reducing its service life. Interrupt-
ing the charging procedure does not damage the
The Li-ion battery is protected against deep dis-
charging by the "Electronic Cell Protection
(ECP)". When the battery is empty, the machine
is switched off by means of a protective circuit:
The inserted tool no longer rotates.
Do not continue to press the
On/Off switch after the ma-
chine has been automatically switched off. The
battery can be damaged.
To remove the battery 10 press the unlocking
buttons 9 and pull out the battery downwards.
Do not exert any force.
The battery is equipped with a NTC temperature
control which allows charging only within a tem-
perature range of between 0 °C and 45 °C. A long
battery service life is achieved in this manner.
Observe the notes for disposal.
Changing the Tool (see figure B)
Before any work on the power tool, remove
the battery.
Pull the locking sleeve 1 toward the front and
then push the insert tool to the stop into the
tool holder 2. The insert tool is automatically
Pull the locking sleeve 1 forward and remove the
insert tool.

Dust/Chip Extraction

Dusts from materials such as lead-containing
coatings, some wood types, minerals and
metal can be harmful to one's health. Touch-
ing or breathing-in the dusts can cause aller-
gic reactions and/or lead to respiratory infec-
tions of the user or bystanders.
1 609 929 R74 | (16.12.08)
Certain dusts, such as oak or beech dust, are
considered as carcinogenic, especially in
connection with wood-treatment additives
(chromate, wood preservative). Materials
containing asbestos may only be worked by
– Provide for good ventilation of the work-
ing place.
– It is recommended to wear a P2 filter-
class respirator.
Observe the relevant regulations in your
country for the materials to be worked.

Starting Operation

Inserting the Battery
Use only original Bosch lithium ion batter-
ies with the voltage listed on the nameplate
of your power tool. Using other batteries can
lead to injuries and pose a fire hazard.
Note: Use of batteries not suitable for the ma-
chine can lead to malfunctions of or cause dam-
age to the power tool.
Reversing the Rotational Direction
(see figure C)
The rotational direction switch 4 is used to re-
verse the rotational direction of the machine.
However, this is not possible with the On/Off
switch 5 actuated.
Right Rotation: For drilling and driving in
screws, push the rotational direction switch 4
left to the stop.
Left Rotation: For loosening or unscrewing
screws, push the rotational direction switch 4
right to the stop.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents