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Switch off the power tool immediately
when the tool insert jams. Be prepared for
high reaction torque that can cause kick-
back. The tool insert jams when:
— the power tool is subject to overload or
— it becomes wedged in the workpiece.
Hold the machine with a firm grip. High re-
action torque can briefly occur while driving
in and loosening screws.
Secure the workpiece. A workpiece clamped
with clamping devices or in a vice is held
more secure than by hand.
Keep your workplace clean. Blends of mate-
rials are particularly dangerous. Dust from
light alloys can burn or explode.
Always wait until the machine has come to
a complete stop before placing it down. The
tool insert can jam and lead to loss of control
over the power tool.
Do not open the battery. Danger of short-
Protect the battery against heat, e. g.,
also against continuous sun irradia-
tion and fire. There is danger of explo-
In case of damage and improper use of the
battery, vapours may be emitted. Provide
for fresh air and seek medical help in case
of complaints. The vapours can irritate the
respiratory system.
When the battery is defective, liquid can es-
cape and come into contact with adjacent
components. Check any parts concerned.
Clean such parts or replace them, if required.
Use the battery only in conjunction with
your Bosch power tool. This measure alone
protects the battery against dangerous over-
1 609 929 R74 | (16.12.08)

Functional Description

Read all safety warnings and all in-
structions. Failure to follow the
warnings and instructions may re-
sult in electric shock, fire and/or se-
rious injury.
While reading the operating instructions, unfold
the graphics page for the machine and leave it

Intended Use

The machine is intended for driving in and loos-
ening screws as well as for drilling in wood, met-
al, ceramic and plastic, especially at hard to
reach locations.

Product Features

The numbering of the product features refers to
the illustration of the machine on the graphics
1 Locking sleeve
2 Tool holder
3 Screwdriver bit*
4 Rotational direction switch
5 On/Off switch
6 Torque selector switch
7 Release button for angle selection of drill
8 Utility clip
9 Battery unlocking button
10 Battery
11 Drill bit with hexagon shank*
*Accessories shown or described are not part of the
standard delivery scope of the product. A complete
overview of accessories can be found in our acces-
sories program.
Bosch Power Tools

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents