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Care & Cleaning - Kenmore 253.17202 Use & Care Manual

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Optional Features
Adjustable Interior Shelves
(some upright models)
Multi-position adjustable interior shelves
can be moved to any position for larger
or smaller packages. The shipping spacers
that stabilize the shelves for shipping may
be removed and discarded.
Smart Basket
(some chest models)
This basket helps organize odd-shaped
items. To reach other packages in the
freezer, slide the basket aside or lift out.
Care & Cleaning
Damp objects stick to cold metal
surfaces. Do not touch interior metal
surfaces with wet or damp hands.
Some upright freezers are frost-free
and defrost automatically, but should be
cleaned occasionally.
Between Defrostings
To avoid frequent defrosting, occasionally
use a plastic scraper to remove frost.
Scrape with a pulling motion. Never use a
metal instrument to remove frost.
Freezer must be unplugged (to avoid
electrical hazard) from power source
when defrosting unit.
It is important to defrost and clean
the freezer when ¼ to ½ inch of frost
has accumulated. Frost may tend to
accumulate faster on the upper part
of the freezer due to warm, moist air
entering the freezer when the door is
opened. Remove food and leave the door
open when defrosting the freezer.
To Defrost Upright Models with Defrost Drain:
• Remove the drain plug on the inside floor
of the freezer by pulling it straight out.
• To access external drain tube on models
with a base panel, first remove the two
screws from the base panel. Locate the
drain tube near the left center under
the freezer.
• Place a shallow pan under the drain
tube. Defrost water will drain out. Check
the pan occasionally so water does not
overflow (see figure 1).
• A ½ inch garden hose adapter can
be used to drain the freezer directly
into a floor drain. If your model is not
equipped with an adapter, one can be
purchased at most hardware stores.

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