Alarm Function Table; Interior Light - Kenmore 253.17202 Use & Care Manual

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Optional Features
Except during power loss, the red alarm light illuminates whenever there is an alarm status.
Display Status
Cabinet temperature
is displayed.
Display is alternating
between temp and "Hi".
Display is showing the
Door Ajar indicator.
Display is showing
"SY" "CE".
Display is showing
"SY" "CF".
Display is showing the
Power Fail indicator.
Slide-Out Basket
A Slide-Out Basket (some models),
located at the bottom of the freezer,
provides separate storage space for
items that are difficult to store on freezer
shelves. To remove the basket, pull out and
lift up.

Interior Light

The light comes on automatically when the
door is opened. To replace the light bulb,
turn the temperature control to OFF and
unplug the electrical cord. Replace the old
bulb with a bulb of the same wattage.
Adjustable Door Bins
upright models)
Adjustable door bins are located on the
inside on the freezer door and provide
flexible storage space. The number of bins
provided varies by model.

Alarm Function Table

Normal Operation
Express Chill
Freezer temperature
too high
Door ajar
Operational error
Operational error
Power failure
(some upright models)
Make sure power is connected.
Contact service technician. Press
ALARM OFF to shut off audible
alarm (beep).
Close door. Press ALARM OFF
to stop audible alarm (beep).
Contact service technician.
Contact service technician.
Press ALARM OFF to stop the
audible alarm (beep).
Soft Freeze Zone
Soft Freeze Zone is specifically designed
to maintain a higher temperature than the
rest of the freezer to store products such
as ice cream.
(some upright models)

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