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Martin Audio C10.1C User Manual page 5

Full-range 10” ceiling loudspeakers


CS10T ceiling subwoofers have a transformer power selector switch
on the connector panel (location arrowed)
CS10 Installation notes
Note carefully!
Martin Audio ceiling loudspeakers must be installed by
experienced ceiling loudspeaker installation technicians
It is the installer's responsibility to ensure that all relevant
local, national and international electrical, fire and building
safety regulations are complied with
Threaded steel rods or steel eyebolts must be permanently
attached to the brackets provided using aircraft style locking
nuts so that they cannot loosen under vibration. Do not
simply hang this product from "hooks" as it could
escape from them when driven with low frequency
signals at high volume
Your chosen fixing method must be designed for a 10:1
safety factor.
chosen fixture must be designed for suspending 180Kg
without damage or distortion
Check with the architectural authorities before attaching
these ceiling loudspeakers to the building structure
The CS10 subwoofer must be fixed to a load-bearing part of the
building structure via the three right-angled fixing brackets.
All material © 2007. Martin Audio Ltd. Subject to change without notice.
As a CS10T weighs 18Kg, this means that your



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