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Installation Notes - Martin Audio C10.1C User Manual

Full-range 10” ceiling loudspeakers


Please note:
The HF compression driver sections of the C10.1R and C10.1C
ceiling loudspeakers are protected with a PTC (positive temperature
coefficient) device and will quieten if overdriven. The PTC device will
reset itself once the signal is reduced to a more sensible level.

Installation notes

Note carefully!
Ceiling loudspeakers must be installed by experienced
ceiling loudspeaker installation technicians
Martin Audio C10.1R and C10.1C loudspeakers are
designed to be used with either Atlas or Lowell enclosures
(see earlier). These enclosure must be installed in
accordance with the manufacture's instructions
Do not allow these ceiling loudspeakers to be supported by
the ceiling grid alone. These ceiling loudspeakers must be
attached to a secure part of the building using the seismic
anchor points on the relevant enclosure
It is the installer's responsibility to ensure that all relevant
local, national and international electrical, fire and building
safety regulations are complied with
We suggest that your chosen fixing method should be
designed for a 10:1 safety factor.
weighs 8Kg, this means that your chosen fixture must be
designed for suspending 80Kg without damage or distortion
Check with the architectural authorities before attaching
these ceiling loudspeakers to the building structure
Amplifier power input is via a 4-pin rising clamp plug providing
+ and – Inputs and + and – Loop Through connections.
All material © 2007. Martin Audio Ltd. Subject to change without notice.
Input & Loop through
As a C10.1RT or C10.1CT



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