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AEG BP300302 User Manual

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Alpha One
V8 Models
1994, Brunswick Corporation
90-821051951 1294



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  • Page 1 OPERATION & MAINTENANCE MANUAL Alpha One V8 Models 1994, Brunswick Corporation 90-821051951 1294...
  • Page 2 IDENTIFICATION RECORD Please Record the Following Information Engine Model and Horsepower Engine Serial Number Transom Assembly Serial Number Stern Drive Unit Serial Number and Gear Ratio Propeller Number Propeller Pitch Hull Identification Number (HIN) Purchase Date Boat Manufacturer Boat Model Length SERIAL NUMBERS The serial numbers are the manufacturer’s keys to numerous engineering details...
  • Page 3 71348 71352 71350 ABC12345Z123 71345 48-12345 71360 Alpha V8...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    CA273 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Welcome! ..........Read This Manual Thoroughly .
  • Page 5 Page Maintenance ......... . Maintenance Aids .
  • Page 6: Welcome

    CA165 WELCOME! You have selected one of the finest marine power packages available. It in- corporates numerous design features to assure operating ease and durabil- ity. With proper care and maintenance, you will thoroughly enjoy using this product for many boating seasons. To ensure maximum performance and carefree use, we ask that you thoroughly read this manual.
  • Page 7: Lanyard Stop Switch

    CAUTION CAUTION-Hazards or unsafe practices which could result in minor personal injury or product or property damage. IMPORTANT: - Indicates information or instructions that are necessary for proper operation and /or maintenance. WARNING The operator (driver) is responsible for the correct and safe operation of the boat, the equipment aboard and the safety of all occupants aboard.
  • Page 8 As we cannot possibly know of and advise the boating public of all conceivable boat/ power package types and/or poor oper- ating practices, the final decision of whether or not to use a Lan- yard Stop Switch rests with you, the owner/ driver. We strongly recommend that other occupants be instructed on prop- er starting and operating procedures so they will be prepared should they be required to operate the power package and boat in an emer-...
  • Page 9: Boating Safety And Seamanship

    BOATING SAFETY AND SEAMANSHIP Boating safety and seamanship courses are periodically offered by the following national, state and provincial organizations: Coast Guard Auxiliary. Power Squadrons. Red Cross. State or provincial agencies, charged with water safety enforce- ment. In the United States: To help locate the course nearest you, contact Boat/U.S.
  • Page 10: Water Wisdom

    WATER WISDOM Do not overload! Know your boat’s operating and loading limita- tions. Check safety equipment on board. Know your boating area and avoid hazardous locations. Know signs of weather change and avoid foul weather and rough-sea boating. Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return. Know boating’s “Rules of the Road’’...
  • Page 11: Conditions Affecting Operation

    CONDITIONS AFFECTING OPERATION WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION Positioning of weight (passengers and gear) inside the boat has the following effects: Shifting weight to rear (stern) will: Generally increases speed and engine RPM. At extremes can cause boat to porpoise. Causes bow to bounce in choppy water. Increases danger of following wave splashing into boat when coming off plane.
  • Page 12: Cavitation

    CAVITATION Cavitation occurs when water flow cannot follow the contour of a fast-moving underwater object, such as a gear housing or propeller. Cavitation permits the propeller to speed up, but the boat speed to reduce. Cavitation can seriously erode the surface of the gear hous- ing or propeller.
  • Page 13: How Elevation And Climate Affect Performance

    IMPORTANT: The 350 Magnum engine is equipped with an RPM rev-limiter that is set at 4900 RPM. This limiter is designed to help prevent damage from engine over-speed. When the engine reaches 4900 RPM, ignition spark is turned off. Once the RPM drops below 4600, complete ignition spark resumes.
  • Page 14 Although some performance can be regained by dropping to a lower pitch propeller, the basic problem still exists. In some cases, a gear ratio change to more reduction is possible and very beneficial. Summer conditions of high temperature, low barometric pressure and high humidity all combine to reduce the engine power.
  • Page 15: Important Information

    CA13 IMPORTANT INFORMATION OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE Owner/Operator Responsibilities It is the operator’s responsibility to perform all safety checks; to en- sure that all lubrication and maintenance instructions are complied with for safe operation and to return the unit to an Authorized Mer- Cruiser Dealer for a periodic checkup.
  • Page 16: Freezing Temperature Operation

    CA15 FREEZING TEMPERATURE OPERATION IMPORTANT: It boat is operated during periods of freezing tem- perature, precautions must be taken to prevent freezing dam- age to power package. Refer to “COLD WEATHER or EX- TENDED STORAGE” for draining instructions. CA17 DRIVE UNIT IMPACT PROTECTION The Power Trim hydraulic system is designed to provide impact pro- tection for drive unit.
  • Page 17: Attention Required After Submersion

    Use extreme caution when operating in shallow water or where un- derwater objects are known to be present. Use extreme care to pre- vent striking submerged object while operating in REVERSE. No im- pact protection is provided in REVERSE. If drive unit should strike a submerged object, stop engine as soon as possible and inspect drive unit for damage.
  • Page 18: Launching And Boat Operation Care

    CA20 LAUNCHING AND BOAT OPERATION CARE CAUTION During launching from a trailer, if the unloading ramp is steep or the trailer bed must be tilted, the boat may enter the water rapidly and at a steep angle. This may force water through the exhaust system into the cylinders. The more weight on the transom, the more likely this is to occur.
  • Page 19: Replacement Service Parts

    CA22 REPLACEMENT SERVICE PARTS WARNING Electrical, ignition and fuel system components on MerCruiser gasoline pow- er packages are designed and manufactured to comply with U.S. Coast Guard rules and regulations to minimize risks of fire or explosion. Use of replacement electrical, ignition or fuel system components, which do not comply to these rules and regulations, could result in a fire or explosion hazard and should be avoided.
  • Page 20: Do-It-Yourself Maintenance Suggestions

    CA23 DO-IT-YOURSELF MAINTENANCE SUGGESTIONS If you are one of those persons who likes to do-it-yourself, here are some suggestions for you. Present-day marine equipment, such as your MerCruiser power package, are highly technical pieces of machinery. Electronic ig- nition and special carburetion provide greater fuel economies, but also are more complex for the untrained mechanic.
  • Page 21 Also, if you partially disassemble an engine or drive assembly and are unable to repair it, the dealer’s mechanic must reassemble the components and test to determine the problem. This will cost you more than taking it to the dealer immediately upon having a prob- lem.
  • Page 22: 20-Hour Break-In Period

    CA24 20-HOUR BREAK-IN PERIOD IMPORTANT: The first 20 hours of operation is the engine break-in period. Correct break-in is essential to obtain mini- mum oil consumption and maximum engine performance. Dur- ing this break-in period, the following rules must be observed: Do not operate below 1500 RPM for extended periods of time for first 10 hours.
  • Page 23: 20-Hour Checkup

    CA236 20-HOUR CHECKUP After first 20 hours of operation, an Authorized MerCruiser Dealer should be contacted for the following maintenance. The boat owner is responsible for any charges. Change crankcase oil and filter. Check all fluid levels. Cooling System: Inspect all hoses for damage and deterioration; check all hose clamps for adequate tightness.
  • Page 24 CA26 70515 70516 70514 70517 70523 70522 70518 70520 70521 70519 Alpha V8...
  • Page 25: Operation

    CA27 OPERATION INSTRUMENTATION The following is a brief explanation of instrumentation typically found on some boats. The owner/operator should be familiar with all instru- ments and their functions on the boat. Because of the large variety of instrumentation and manufacturers, you should have your boat dealer explain the particular gauges and normal readings that will ap- pear on your style gauges.
  • Page 26 CA244 70516 70518 71985 Alpha V8...
  • Page 27: Audio Warning System

    CA248 AUDIO WARNING SYSTEM Your MerCruiser power package may be equipped with an Audio Warning System. The audio warning system buzzer will sound if one of the following occur: A Insufficient Oil Pressure B Excessive Engine Temperature C Insufficient Drive Lubricant NOTE: To provide a test of the system, the audio warning buzzer will sound when the ignition switch is first turned to the run position, prior to cranking the engine.
  • Page 28 CA29 71466 70525 70528 70527 71341 70526 Alpha V8...
  • Page 29: Electrical System Overload Protection

    CA30 ELECTRICAL SYSTEM OVERLOAD PROTECTION If an electrical overload occurs, a fuse will blow or the circuit breaker will trip open. The cause must be found and corrected before replac- ing fuse or resetting circuit breaker. A circuit breaker provides protection for engine wiring harness and instrumentation power lead.
  • Page 30 CB181 Alpha V8...
  • Page 31: Remote Controls

    CB182 REMOTE CONTROLS (PANEL MOUNTED) Your boat may be equipped with one of many Quicksilver remote controls available. All controls feature an integral safety switch that allows starting engine in NEUTRAL only. Also, all controls may not have all features shown. If boat is equipped with a remote control oth- er than shown, consult your dealer for a description and/or demon- stration of the control.
  • Page 32 CB183 Alpha V8...
  • Page 33 CB184 REMOTE CONTROLS (CONSOLE MOUNTED) Control Handle(s) - Operation of the the shift and throttle are controlled by the movement of the control handle. “Push” the control handle forward from “Neutral” with a quick firm motion to the first det- ent for “Forward”...
  • Page 34 CB185 71339 70537 Alpha V8...
  • Page 35 CB186 REMOTE CONTROLS (TWO LEVER) Shift Lever - shifts unit into gear with full lever movement. Move lever forward to shift to FORWARD gear. Move lever backward to shift to REVERSE gear. Lever in full vertical position shifts to NEU- TRAL.
  • Page 36 CA34 71338 Alpha V8...
  • Page 37: Power Trim

    CA35 POWER TRIM The Power Trim system allows operator to raise and lower drive unit for trailering, beaching, launching and shallow water operation. Pow- er Trim also allows operator to adjust drive unit angle, while under- way, to provide ideal boat angle for varying load and water condi- tions.
  • Page 38 CB187 73976 73977 Alpha V8...
  • Page 39 CB188 Power Trim Operation - Panel Mount Remote Control IMPORTANT: If TRAILER button is held depressed after drive unit reaches end of upward travel, an internal circuit breaker will open and pump will stop. Should this happen, release button and allow motor to cool for about one minute. Circuit breaker will reset and Power Trim operation may be resumed.
  • Page 40 CB190 73979 73978 Alpha V8...
  • Page 41 CB191 Power Trim Operation - Dual Engine Console Mount Remote Control (Two Button and Three Button Versions) IMPORTANT: If TRAILER button is held depressed after drive unit reaches end of upward travel, an internal circuit breaker will open and pump will stop. Should this happen, release button and allow motor to cool for about one minute.
  • Page 42 CB192 70540 70540 70540 Alpha V8...
  • Page 43 CB193 Power Trim Operation - Three Button Trim Panel (Used on Models withTwo-Lever Control) IMPORTANT: If TRAILER button is held depressed after drive unit reaches end of upward travel, an internal circuit breaker will open and pump will stop. Should this happen, release button(s) and allow motor to cool for about one minute.
  • Page 44: Starting, Shifting And Stopping

    CA40 STARTING, SHIFTING AND STOPPING WARNING Before starting engine, operate bilge blower for at least five minutes to remove any explosive fumes from engine compartment. If boat is not equipped with a bilge blower, open engine hatch and leave open while starting engine. IMPORTANT: Observe the following: Do not start engine without water being supplied to seawater pickup pump (to prevent pump or engine damage).
  • Page 45 FLOODED ENGINE - Move control/throttle lever to full throttle. Be prepared to decrease engine speed to 1000-1500 RPM as soon as engine starts. F Turn ignition key to START Release key when engine starts and allow switch to return to RUN position. Move control/ throttle lever back to decrease engine RPM to 1000-1500 RPM if necessary.
  • Page 46: Operation Chart

    CA41 OPERATION CHART BEFORE AFTER WHILE AFTER STARTING STARTING UNDERWAY STOPPING Open en- Observe all Observe all Turn ignition gine gauges to gauges to key OFF. hatch. monitor check engine condition of condition. engine. If not normal, stop engine. Turn battery Check Turn bat-...
  • Page 47: Specifications

    CA263 SPECIFICATIONS FUEL RECOMMENDATIONS IMPORTANT: Use of improper gasoline can damage your en- gine seriously. Engine damage resulting from use of improper gasoline is considered misuse of engine, and damage caused thereby will not be covered under the limited warranty. Fuel Ratings MerCruiser engines will operate satisfactorily when using a major brand of unleaded gasoline as follows:...
  • Page 48 The adverse effects of alcohol are more severe with methyl alcohol (methanol) and are worse with increasing alcohol content. WARNING FIRE AND EXPLOSION HAZARD: Fuel leakage from any part of fuel system can be a fire and explosion hazard which can cause serious bodily injury or death.
  • Page 49: Crankcase Oil

    CA43 CRANKCASE OIL To help obtain optimum engine performance and to provide maxi- mum protection, we strongly recommend the use of Quicksilver 4-Cycle Marine Engine Oil. If not available, a good grade, straight weight, detergent automotive oil of correct viscosity, with an API clas- sification of CD or SG, may be used.
  • Page 50: Engine

    CA265 ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS MODEL 5.0 L 5.0 LX Propshaft Horsepower Propshaft Kilowatts 305 C.I.D. (5 L) Displacement Engine Type Bore 3.74 in. (94.99mm) 3.48 in. (88.39 mm) Stroke Compression Ratio 9.3:1 180 psi (1241 kPa) Compression Pressure Maximum RPM @ 4200-4600 RPM W.O.T.
  • Page 51 CA266 ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS MODEL 5.7 L MAGNUM Propshaft Horsepower Propshaft Kilowatts 350 C.I.D. (5.7 L) Displacement Engine Type 4.00 in. (101.6mm) Bore 3.48 in. (88.39 mm) Stroke Compression Ratio 9.3:1 180 psi (1241 kPa) Compression Pressure 4200-4600 4400-4800 Maximum RPM @ W.O.T.
  • Page 52: Tune-Up

    CA268 TUNE-UP SPECIFICATIONS MODEL 5.0L 5.0LX AC-MR43T or Spark Plug Type Champion RV15YC4 or NGK BR6FS .035 in. (.9mm) Spark Plug Gap 8 BTDC Timing @ Idle RPM Firing Order 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 Electrical System 12-Volt Negative (-) Ground Alternator Rating 55 Amps Recommended Minimum 375 cca, 475 mca Battery Rating...
  • Page 53: Capacities

    CA133 CAPACITIES MODEL 5.0L 5.0LX Approx. 5 Approx. 5.5 Crankcase Oil U.S. Quarts. U.S. Quarts. Capacity (4.7 L) (5.2 L) w/New Filter Drive Unit Oil Approximately 39.2 fl. oz. Capacity (1160ml) Drive Unit Oil Approximately 64 fl. oz. Capacity (1892ml) (w/Reservoir) Seawater Cooling System 15 U.S.
  • Page 54: Maintenance

    CA47 MAINTENANCE WARNING Always disconnect battery cables from battery before working around electri- cal system components to prevent injury to yourself or damage to electrical system. IMPORTANT: Refer to MAINTENANCE CHART for complete listing of all scheduled maintenance to be performed. Some list- ings can be done by owner/operator, while others should be performed by an Authorized MerCruiser Dealer.
  • Page 55 Crankcase Oil - Quicksilver 4-Cycle Marine Engine Oil (Refer to SPECIFICATIONS for alternatives and oil recommendations for va- rying ambient temperatures.) Closed Cooling System Coolant - 50/50 mixture of ethylene glycol antifreeze (must meet GM specification 1825 M) and tap water. Areas where temperatures generally do not go below 32 F (0 C), rust inhibitor and tap water is acceptable.
  • Page 56: Maintenance Chart

    CA134 MAINTENANCE CHART Only perform maintenance which applies to your particular power package. Scheduled Maintenance to be Performed by Owner/Operator TASK INTERVAL Engine Crankcase Oil - Check level Closed Cooling Coolant - Check level Power Steering Fluid - Check level Stern Drive Unit Oil - Check level Weekly...
  • Page 57 CA49 Only perform maintenance which applies to your particular power package. Scheduled Maintenance to be Performed by Owner/Operator TASK INTERVAL Drive Belts (All) - Every 100 Hours of Operation or Inspect condition and 120 Days, Whichever Occurs First. check tension Propeller Shaft - Saltwater use: Every 50 Hours of Lubricate...
  • Page 58 CA242 Only perform maintenance which applies to your particular power package. Scheduled Maintenance to be Performed by Dealer TASK INTERVAL 20-Hour Checkup (See At First 20 Hours of Operation NOTE 1) Seawater Pickup Pump Whenever Insufficient Seawater Flow -Disassemble and is Suspected.
  • Page 59 CA51 Only perform maintenance which applies to your particular power package. Scheduled Maintenance to be Performed by Dealer TASK INTERVAL Engine Alignment - Check (See Note 2) Saltwater use: Every 300 Hours of Engine Coupling, Operation or Once Yearly, Whichever Universal Joint Shaft Occurs First.
  • Page 60 CA243 Only perform maintenance which applies to your particular power package. Scheduled Maintenance to be Performed by Dealer TASK INTERVAL Saltwater use: Every 50 Hours of Engine Exhaust System Operation or 60 Days, Whichever -Inspect externally for Occurs First damage, deterioration Freshwater use: Every 100 Hours and restrictions.
  • Page 61 CA175 (THIS PAGE IS BLANK) Alpha V8...
  • Page 62 CA53 70544 70543 71448 71341 71340 70545 70547 70546 Alpha V8...
  • Page 63: Checking Fluid Levels

    CA54 CHECKING FLUID LEVELS Checking Crankcase Oil Stop engine. Allow approximately five minutes for oil to drain into oil pan. Boat must be at rest in water. Remove dipstick. Wipe clean and reinstall fully into dipstick tube. Remove dipstick and observe oil level. Oil level must be between FULL and ADD.
  • Page 64 CA57 71985 71345 70551 70979 Alpha V8...
  • Page 65 CB40 Checking Drive Unit Oil Check gear lube monitor oil level; keep oil level at or near “Fill” line. Check for water at bottom of monitor and/or if oil appears a milk- tan, contact your Authorized MerCruiser Dealer immediately; both conditions indicate a water leak somewhere in the drive unit.
  • Page 66 CA62 70571 70572 71344 71345 70544 Alpha V8...
  • Page 67: Changing Fluids

    CA63 CHANGING FLUIDS See MAINTENANCE CHART for lubricant change frequency. Lubri- cant should be changed before placing boat in storage. Power Trim or Power Steering fluids do not require changing. Coolant in closed cooling system should be changed at specified in- tervals by your Authorized MerCruiser Dealer.
  • Page 68 CA66 71985 70021 71345 70569 Alpha V8...
  • Page 69 CA67 Changing Drive Unit Oil - Models With Gear Lube Monitor (if So Equipped) IMPORTANT: Use only specified gear lubricant in drive unit. (See SPECIFICATIONS.) Place drive unit in trim-out position (Do Not Raise to TRAILER Posi- tion). Remove OIL FILL/DRAIN screw and sealing washer. Remove OIL VENT screw and sealing washer.
  • Page 70 CA144 71345 70573 50681 Alpha V8...
  • Page 71: Water Separating Fuel Filter (If So Equipped)

    CA143 WATER SEPARATING FUEL FILTER (IF SO EQUIPPED) WARNING Be careful when changing water separating fuel filter. Gasoline is extremely flammable and highly explosive under certain conditions. Be sure ignition key is OFF. Do not smoke or allow spark or open flame in area when changing fuel filter.
  • Page 72 CA70 71903 71904 71901 71357 71359 Alpha V8...
  • Page 73: Lubrication

    CA174 LUBRICATION Steering System If Steering Cable Has Grease Fittings: With cable fully retracted into cable housing, lubricate fitting with 2-4-C Marine Lubricant. WARNING Do not grease steering cable while extended. Hydraulic lock could occur and cause loss of steering control. NOTE: If steering cable does not have grease fitting, inner wire of cable cannot be greased.
  • Page 74 CA74 70558 71569 Alpha V8...
  • Page 75 CA75 Drive Unit and Transom Assembly Lubricate gimbal bearing with 2-4-C Marine Lubricant. For propeller shaft lubrication, see PROPELLER. Lubricate engine coupler splines thru grease fitting on coupler. NOTE: Later engines are equipped with a sealed engine cou- pler and Perm-a-Lube U-joints. The sealed coupler and shaft splines can be lubricated without removing the drive unit.
  • Page 76 CA76 70560 Alpha V8...
  • Page 77: Propeller

    CA77 PROPELLER WARNING Remote Control must be in NEUTRAL and ignition key removed from switch before removing and/or installing propeller. WARNING Place a block of wood between anti-ventilation plate and propeller to protect hands from propeller blades and to prevent propeller from rotating when re- moving propeller nut.
  • Page 78 CA80 70134 Alpha V8...
  • Page 79 CA81 Installation IMPORTANT: If reusing tab washer, carefully inspect tabs for cracks or other damage. Replace tab washer if condition is questionable. Apply a liberal coat of one of the following Quicksilver lubricants to propeller shaft: Anti-Corrosion Grease, Special Lubricant 101, or 2-4-C Marine Lubricant.
  • Page 80 CA195 70565 71353 70564 Alpha V8...
  • Page 81: Flushing Cooling System

    CA83 FLUSHING COOLING SYSTEM WARNING When flushing, be certain the area around propeller is clear, and no one is standing nearby. To avoid possible injury, remove propeller. CAUTION Do not run engine above 1500 RPM when flushing. Suction created by seawa- ter pickup pump may collapse flushing hose, causing engine and/or drive unit to overheat.
  • Page 82 CA177 70565 71353 70564 71333 Alpha V8...
  • Page 83 CA178 Closed Cooling (Coolant) Models WARNING When flushing, be certain the area around propeller is clear, and no one is standing nearby. To avoid possible injury, remove propeller. CAUTION Do not run engine above 1500 RPM when flushing. Suction created by seawa- ter pickup pump may collapse flushing hose, causing engine and/or drive unit to overheat.
  • Page 84 CA246 71354 71355 70564 71333 Alpha V8...
  • Page 85: Seawater Pump Impeller

    CA218 CLEANING SEAWATER SECTION OF HEAT EXCHANGER - CLOSED COOLING (COOLANT) MODELS ONLY Seawater section of heat exchanger should be cleaned at least once a year or whenever decreased cooling efficiency is noticed. Remove bolts securing end plates to each end of heat exchanger. Remove end plates, sealing washers and gaskets.
  • Page 86 CA89 70562 71349 71351 70563 Alpha V8...
  • Page 87: Drive Belts

    CA90 DRIVE BELTS WARNING Make sure engine is shut off and ignition key is removed before inspecting belts. All drive belts must be periodically inspected for condition and ten- sion. Perform the following inspections of alternator drive belt, power steering pump drive belt (if so equipped) and seawater pickup pump drive belt (closed cooling).
  • Page 88 CA204 73919 70578 71335 70577 70033 70576 Alpha V8...
  • Page 89: Corrosion And Corrosion Protection

    CA205 CORROSION AND CORROSION PROTECTION Whenever two or more dissimilar metals (like those found on the stern drive) are submerged in a conductive solution, such as saltwa- ter, polluted water, or water with a high mineral content, a chemical reaction takes place causing electrical current to flow between met- als.
  • Page 90 CA162 71957 71958 Alpha V8...
  • Page 91 CA163 Trim Cylinder Anodes - are mounted on each trim cylinder. To replace the trim cylinder anodes: A Remove two screws from each anode. B Install new anodes and tighten securely. CA164 Propeller Anode - is located in front of the propeller, between the front side of the propeller and the gear housing.
  • Page 92 CA93 71176 Alpha V8...
  • Page 93 CA168 In addition to the corrosion protection devices, the following steps should be taken to inhibit corrosion: IMPORTANT: Corrosion damage that results from the improper application of anti-fouling paint will not be covered by the lim- ited warranty. Painting Boat Hull or BoatTransom: Antifouling paint may be applied to boat hull and boat transom but you must observe the fol- lowing precautions: IMPORTANT: DO NOT paint anodes or MerCathode System ref-...
  • Page 94: Miscellaneous Maintenance

    CA103 MISCELLANEOUS MAINTENANCE BATTERY All lead acid batteries discharge when not in use. Recharge every 30 to 45 days, or when specific gravity drops below battery manufactur- er’s specifications. Refer to specific instructions and warnings accompanying your bat- tery. If this information is not available, observe the following precau- tions when handling a battery.
  • Page 95: Bottom Of Boat

    CA104 BOTTOM OF BOAT To maintain maximum speed, the following conditions of the boat bot- tom should be observed: Clean, free of barnacles and marine growth. Free of distortion, nearly flat where it contacts water. Straight and smooth, fore and aft. Antifouling Paints See Antifouling Paint recommendations and related information on previous pages.
  • Page 96: Cold Weather Or Extended Storage

    CA106 COLD WEATHER OR EXTENDED STORAGE POWER PACKAGE LAY UP IMPORTANT: This service should be performed by an Autho- rized MerCruiser Dealer. CAUTION DO NOT operate engine without water flowing thru seawater pickup pump, as pump impeller may be damaged and subsequent overheating damage to en- gine or stern drive unit may result.
  • Page 97 Remove flame arrestor and restart engine. While operating en- gine at fast idle (1000-1500 RPM), fog internal surfaces of engine by squirting approximately 8 ounces (227 g) of Quicksilver Storage Seal (or if not available, SAE 20W motor oil) into carburetor bores. Stall engine by squirting last 2 ounces (57 g) of Storage Seal (or oil) rapidly into carburetor.
  • Page 98 CB232 71332 74158 Alpha V8...
  • Page 99: Draining Instructions

    CA253 DRAINING INSTRUCTIONS Draining Seawater (Raw-water) Cooled Models CAUTION If boat is to remain in water after draining, seawater inlet hose must be re- moved and plugged to prevent a siphoning action that may occur, allowing seawater to flow from the drain holes or removed hoses. CAUTION Seawater section of cooling system MUST BE COMPLETELY drained for win- ter storage, or immediately after cold weather use, if the possibility of freezing...
  • Page 100 CA264 71448 71334 71216 74493 Alpha V8...
  • Page 101 CA110 Loosen hose clamps and remove the following hoses: From engine circulating pump. From oil/power steering fluid cooler. Make sure gear housing water drain holes are open. Crank engine over, slightly, with starter motor, to purge any water trapped in seawater pickup pump. Do not allow engine to start. After cooling system has been drained completely, install petcocks, reconnect hoses and tighten all hose clamps securely.
  • Page 102 CA111 71332 71330 70583 Alpha V8...
  • Page 103 CA112 Draining Closed Cooling (Coolant) Models IMPORTANT: Drain seawater section of closed cooling sys- tem only. CAUTION If boat is to remain in water after draining seawater inlet hose must be removed and plugged to prevent a siphoning action that may occur allowing seawater to tow from the drain holes or removed hoses.
  • Page 104 CA113 71333 71334 71216 Alpha V8...
  • Page 105 CA114 Loosen hose clamps and remove the following hoses: From seawater pickup pump inlet. From power steering fluid cooler. Crank engine over slightly with starter motor to purge any water trapped in seawater pickup pump. DO NOT allow engine to start. Make sure gear housing water drain holes and speedometer pitot hole are open and unobstructed.
  • Page 106: Battery Winter Storage

    CA115 BATTERY WINTER STORAGE Follow battery manufacturer’s instructions for storage. CA116 POWER PACKAGE RECOMMISSIONING WARNING To prevent possible injury or damage to equipment, do not install battery until all maintenance has been performed on engine. Check that all cooling system hoses are connected properly and hose clamps are tight.
  • Page 107: Troubleshooting

    CB215 TROUBLESHOOTING STARTER MOTOR WILL NOT CRANK ENGINE, OR CRANKS SLOW Possible Cause Remedy Battery switch turned off. Turn switch on. Remote control not in neu- Position control lever in tral position. neutral. Open circuit breaker or Check and reset circuit blown fuse.
  • Page 108 ENGINE WILL NOT START, OR IS HARD TO START Possible Cause Remedy Improper starting proce- Read starting procedure. dure. Empty fuel tank or fuel Fill tank or open valve. shutoff valve closed. Faulty fuel pump. Check sight tube for fuel. Have Authorized Mer-...
  • Page 109 ENGINE RUNS ROUGH, MISSES AND/OR BACKFIRES Possible Cause Remedy Choke not operating prop- Check that choke is closed erly. when engine is cold. Check that it opens when engine warms up. Idle speed too low. Check idle speed and ad- just, if necessary.
  • Page 110 EXCESSIVE ENGINE TEMPERATURE Possible Cause Remedy Seacock closed. Open. Drive belt loose or in poor Replace and/or adjust belt. condition. Seawater pickups Remove obstruction. structed. Faulty thermostat. Replace. Coolant level low in closed Check for cause of low cooling section coolant level and repair.
  • Page 111 LOW ENGINE OIL PRESSURE Possible Cause Remedy Insufficient oil in crank- Check and add oil. case. Check and remove re- Excessive oil in crankcase quired amount of oil. Check (causing it to become for cause of excessive oil aerated). (improper filling, bad fuel pump, etc.).
  • Page 112 REMOTE CONTROL OPERATES HARD, BINDS, HAS EXCESSIVE FREE–PLAY OR MAKES UNUSUAL SOUNDS Possible Cause Remedy Insufficient lubrication on Lubricate. shift and throttle linkage fasteners. Loose or missing shift and Check all linkages. If any throttle linkage fasteners. are loose or missing, see Authorized MerCruiser Dealer immediately.
  • Page 113 POWER TRIM DOES NOT OPERATE (MOTOR DOESN’T RUN) Possible Cause Remedy Blown fuse. Replace fuse. Loose or dirty electrical Check all associated elec- connections or damaged trical connections wiring. wires (especially battery cables). Clean and tighten faulty connection. Repair or replace wiring. POWER TRIM DOES NOT OPERATE (MOTOR RUNS BUT DRIVE UNIT DOES NOT MOVE) Possible Cause...
  • Page 114: Warranty Information

    CA262 WARRANTY INFORMATION OWNER WARRANTY REGISTRATION UNITED STATES AND CANADA ONLY It is important that your selling dealer fills out the Warranty Regis- tration Card completely and mails it to the factory immediately upon sale of the new product. It identifies name and address of the original purchaser, product model and serial number(s), date of sale, type of use and selling dealer’s code, name and address.
  • Page 115: International Owner Registration

    INTERNATIONAL OWNER REGISTRATION OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA It is important that your selling dealer fills out the Warranty Regis- tration Card completely and mails it to the distributor or Marine Power Service Center responsible for administering the warranty registration/claim program for your area.
  • Page 116: Warranty Policies

    WARRANTY POLICIES MERCRUISER LIMITED WARRANTY - GASOLINE ENGINES UNITED STATES AND CANADA ONLY I. We warrant each new production (not those made for high per- formance purposes) MerCruiser Stern Drive Power Package, Inboard Engine and accessories attached thereto, (hereafter referred to as “Product”) to be free from defects in material and workmanship, but only when the consumer sale is made in the country to which distribution is authorized by us.
  • Page 117 V. Claim shall be made under this warranty by delivering the Prod- uct for inspection to a MerCruiser dealer authorized to service the Purchaser’s product. If purchaser cannot deliver Product to such authorized dealer, he may give notice in writing to the Company.
  • Page 118 MERCRUISER INTERNATIONAL WARRANTY - GASOLINE ENGINES OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA I. We warrant each new production (not those made for high per- formance purposes) MerCruiser Stern Drive Power Package, Inboard Engine and accessories attached thereto, (hereafter referred to as “Product”) to be free from defects in material and workmanship, but only when the consumer sale is made in the country to which distribution is authorized by us.
  • Page 119 V. Purchaser must provide “proof of purchase” and substantiate “date of purchase” by presenting the “Purchaser’s Copy” of the “Warranty Registration Card” or the plastic “Warranty Registra- tion Card” to the dealer authorized to service the Product. lf ei- ther of these items is not available purchaser must provide a copy of the original ”Bill of Sale”...
  • Page 120: Year Limited Warranty Against Corrosion Failure

    3 Year Limited Warranty Against Corrosion Failure (APPLICABLE IN THE UNITED STATES, CANADA AND AUSTRALIA) I. We warrant parts and assemblies of each 1988 and newer pro- duction MerCruiser (Product) sold with a one year limited Prod- uct warranty or the Bravo and TRS Drive Units on performance Products that have a 90 day limited warranty rendered inopera- tive as a direct result of corrosion, provided the following simple precautionary steps which are specified in Owner’s Manuals...
  • Page 121 VI. Other details of this warranty are contained in paragraphs IV, V and VI of the (United States and Canada) Product Warranty, and paragraphs III, IV, V and VI of the (International) Product Warranty, contained in this manual, which paragraphs are in- corporated herein by reference.
  • Page 122: Warranty Coverage

    Warranty Coverage The purpose of this section is to help eliminate some of the more common misunderstandings regarding warranty coverage. The table explains some of the types of services that are not covered by warranty. Keep in mind that warranty covers repairs that are needed within the warranty period because of defects in material and workmanship.
  • Page 123 Labor performed by other than an Authorized Dealer may be cov- ered only under following circumstances: When performed on emergency basis (providing there are no Authorized Dealers in area who can perform the work required or have no facilities to haul out, etc., and prior factory approval has been given to have the work performed at this facility).
  • Page 124 Valve or valve seat grinding required because of wear. Failure of any parts caused by lack of cooling water, which results from starting power package out of water, foreign material block- ing inlets or power package being mounted too high. Use of fuels and lubricants which are not suitable for use with or on the product.
  • Page 125: Transferable Warranty

    TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY The product warranty is transferable to a subsequent purchaser, but only for the remainder of the unused portion of the limited warranty. This will not apply to products used for commercial applications. DIRECT SALE BY OWNER The second owner can be registered as the new owner and retain the unused portion of the limited warranty by sending the former owner’s plastic Owner Warranty Registration Card and a copy of the bill of sale to show proof of ownership.
  • Page 126: Q-Guard Product Protection Plan

    Q-GUARD PRODUCT PROTECTION PLAN UNITED STATES and CANADA ONLY (Certain performance products,triple engine installations, and com- mercial applications are excluded) The Mercury Marine Q-Guard Product Protection Plan provides cov- erage against unexpected mechanical and electrical breakdowns that may occur beyond the standard limited warranty. The optional Q-Guard Product Protection Plan is the only Factory Plan available for your engine.
  • Page 127 PARTS AND ACCESSORIES INQUIRIES All inquiries concerning Quicksilver replacement parts and accesso- ries should be directed to your local Authorized Dealer. The dealer has the necessary information to order parts and accessories for you should he not have them in stock. Only Authorized Dealers can pur- chase genuine Quicksilver parts and accessories from the factory.
  • Page 128 Propeller pitch and/or part number. Normal use and approximate gross load. Please bear in mind that Service Centers resolve all problems through the dealership using the dealer’s facilities, equipment and personnel. This is the reason we request you use the preceding steps in sequence when you have a problem or complaint.
  • Page 129: Service Centers

    SERVICE CENTERS UNITED STATES MerCruiser 3003 N. Perkins Road Stillwater, OK 74075-2299 Telephone (405) 743-6566 Fax (405) 743-6570 CANADA Mercury Marine 1156 Dundas Highway East Mississauga, Ontario L4Y 2C2 Canada Telephone (905) 270-4481 Fax (905) 270-4510 MEXICO, CENTRAL AMERICA, SOUTH AMERICA, CARIBBEAN Marine Power International 9350 SW 72nd St.
  • Page 130 AUSTRALIA, PACIFIC Marine Power International Pry. Ltd. P. B. 1420 132-140 Frankston Road Dandenong, Victoria 3164 Australia Telephone (61) (3) 791-5822 Fax (61) (3) 791-5880 ASIA Marine Power International Ltd. Block 1002 Jalan Bukit Merah #07-08 Redhill Industrial Estate JTC Flatted Factories Singapore 0315 Telephone (65) 270-7680 Fax (65) 270-7898...
  • Page 131: Customer Service Literature

    CUSTOMER SERVICE LITERATURE English language publications are available from: Mercury Marine Attn: Publications Department W6250 West Pioneer Road P.O. Box 1939 Fond du Lac, WI 54936-1939 Outside the United States and Canada, contact the nearest Ma- rine Power International Service Center for further information. When ordering be sure to: 1.
  • Page 132: General Maintenance Parts

    CA269 GENERAL MAINTENANCE PARTS ENGINE PARTS Part 5.0L 5.0LX Oil Filter 14957 14957 Spark Plug 33-59571 33-59571 Distributor Cap 805759A2 805759A2 Ignition Coil 392-805570A2 392-805570A2 Spark Plug 84-816761A17 84-816761A17 Wire Set Thermostat 807252--2 807252--2 (160 F) Thermostat 27-33179--2, 27-33179--2, Gaskets 27-53045--1 27-53045--1 Alternator Belt...
  • Page 133 ENGINE PARTS 5.7L 350 Magnum 14957 14957 33-59571 33-59571 805759A2 805759A2 392-805570A2 392-805570A2 84-816761A17 84-816761A17 807252--2 807252--2 27-33179--2, 27-33179--2, 27-53045--1 27-53045--1 57-48120A1 57-48120A1 57-816295T 57-816295T 10. 57-74271T 57-13457T 11. 55-805269--1 55-805269--1 12. 92-816096A12 92-816096A12 13. 92-86145A12 92-86145A12 14. 92-17955A12 92-17955A12 15.
  • Page 134 DRIVE PARTS Part Alpha I Gen. II Propeller Nut 11-52707A1 Rear Propeller Washer 12-31211A2 Tab Washer 14-816629 Grounding Washer 13-42351--1 Thrust Hub 13171 Decal Set 37-13722A13 D.S.H. Anodic Plate 76214A2 Trim Tab 31640--4 Trim Cylinder Anodes 806189A1 Gimbal Housing Anode 821631A1 Bearing Carrier Anode 806105A1...
  • Page 135: Literature Order Form

    CC172 LITERATURE ORDER FORM Model __________ Horsepower__________ Serial Number__________ Year_____ Service Manual - shows the complete assembly and disassembly of the engine or stern drive. Parts Manual - shows the exploded view of the engine or stern drive with corresponding part number. Operation and maintenance manual (Owner’s Guide) - explains basic operation and maintenance.
  • Page 136 Please Return with Payment to: Mercury Marine Attn: Publications Dept. P.O. Box 1939 Fond du Lac, WI 54936-1939 Ship To: (Please Print or Type - This is your Shipping Label) Name Address City State Method of Payment: (No Cash or C.O.D.) Personal Check Cashiers Check Money Order...