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Mixingtips; Mixingandkneading Yeast D Ough - KitchenAid 5KSM156AAZ0 Instructions Manual

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Table of Contents
Converting YourRecipe to the Mixer
Themixing instructions foundinthis bookcan
beusedtoconvert y ourfavorite recipes foruse
with yourKitchenAid M ixer.
Tohelpdetermine a mixing procedure, your
ownobservations andexperience wiii be
needed. Watch thebatter or dough andmix
onlyuntilit hasthedesired appearance
described in yourrecipe, s uchas"smooth and
creamy." U se the"Speed Control Guide" t o
helpdetermine p roper mixing speeds.
NOTE: if ingredients i n verybottomof bowl
arenotthoroughly m ixed, t hebeater i s notfar
enough intothebowl. S ee"Beater t o Bowl
When preparing packaged c akemixes, u se
Speed 4 formedium speedandSpeed 6 for
highspeed. F orbestresults, m ixforthetime
stated onthepackage directions.
Adding ingredients
Thestandard procedure t o followwhenmixing
mostbatters, e specially c akeandcookie
batters, is to add:
Use StirSpeed untilingredients h avebeen
blended. Then Eraduatly increase t o desired
Always addingredients asclose to sideof
bowl a s possible, notdirectlyintomoving
beater. ThePouring Shield canbe used to
simplify adding ingredients.
Adding Nuts,Raisins
or Candied Fruits
Solidmaterials should befoldedin thelast
few sections ofmixing on StirSpeed. The
batter should be thickenough to keep the
fruitsandnutsfromsinking tothe bottom of
the panduring baking. S ticky fruitsshouldbe
dusted withflourfor better distribution i n the
Liquid Mixture
Mixtures c ontaining large amounts of liquid
ingredients should be mixed at lowerspeeds
to avoidsplashing, increase speedonlyafter
mixture hasthickened.
MixingandKneading Yeast D ough
1. Place aiidry ingredients including yeastinto
bowl,except l ast250mLto 500mLflour.
2. Attachbowlanddough hook. L ockTiitHead
downor raiseBowlLiftHandle to up
position. Turn to Speed 2 andmixabout
15seconds or untilingredients
NOTE: If liquidingredients areadded too
quickly, t heywillforma poolaround the
dough hookandslowdownmixing process.
3. Continuing onSpeed 2, gradually a ddliquid
ingredients to flourmixture, a bout30 seconds
to 1 minute. M ix1 minutelonger.
4. Continuing on speed 2,gently tap
remaining f louraround sides of bowl,
125 mLat a time,as needed. Mixuntil
dough clings to hookandcleans sides
of bowl, a bout2 minutes.


Table of Contents

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