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Electricalrequirementsfor Brazil Only - KitchenAid 5KSM156AAZ0 Instructions Manual

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ElectricalRequirementsfor Brazil Only
Electric Shock Hazard
Plug into a grounded outlet.
Do not use with an adaptor or T.
Do not use with an extension
Failure to follow these
instructions could result in
death, fire, or electric shock.
Residence mains:
The mainswires mustbe of copperwith a
Toprotectthis applianceandthe mainsagainst
over loading,this appliancemust be connected
to a circuit that is protectedwith a thermo-
magneticcircuit breaker.
If the household circuit doesnot include
a circuit breaker,contactan electricianto have
one installed.
EJectric outlet:
Foryour safetyandto avoid damageto your
product,it is very important t hat your productis
earthed correctly.
Yourappliancepower cordfeatures a
hexagon=shaped p lug,12A,per ABNT
Yourresidenceelectrical installationmust havea
suitableelectric outletfor this type of plug.If not,
it is your responsibilityto haveone installed
bya qualifiedelectrician.
Useappropriateoutlettype for your
applianceplug,as shown below:
sure the mainvoltageat the
installationsite is the same
as indicatedon product
technicaldata label.
This informationis also includedon the label
attachedto your appliance'scord nearthe plug.
,, If it is necessaryto convertyour 127V
applianceto 220V,use a 1.0 KVA stabiliser.
Ifit is necessaryto convertyour 220V
applianceto 127V,use a 1.0 KVA stabiliser.
Neverplug your
applianceinto multi=
plug adapterswith
another appliance
inthe same socket.
Donot usean
extensioncord.This type
of connectionmay causeelectricaloverloadin
the mains,and can damagethe applianceand
could causea fire. The applianceshouldbe
pluggedinto its own outlet.
Incase of oscillationin mainsvoltage, install
an automaticvoltagestabiliserwith minimum
rating of 1500Watts betweenthe appliance
and the socket.
If the cordof this applianceis damaged,
it must be replaced.Contactyour nearest
authorizedKitchenAidCustomer CareCenter.


Table of Contents

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