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Black & Decker CHV1410 Instruction Manual page 6

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Cleaning and emptying the product
without its filter.
NOTE: The filter is re-usable, do not confuse
it with a disposable dust bag, and do not throw
it away when the product is emptied. We
recommend that you replace the filter every 6-9
months depending on frequency of use.
There are two methods of cleaning the bowl,
a quick empty method and a thorough clean
for a quick empty (figures H,I)
• figure H - Press in on both nozzle release
buttons on the sides of the nozzle and remove the
nozzle by pulling straight off.
• figure I - Empty the dust from the bowl.
• For a more thorough cleaning, remove bowl as
described below.
for a more thorough cleaning
(figures J, k, L & M)
• figure J - Remove the dust bowl by pressing
the bowl release button and pulling the bowl
straight off.
• Remove filters from within the bowl.
• figure k - Models CHV1410, CHV1410B,
CHV1510, CHV1610 have a plastic pre-filter and an inner
cloth filter. To separate the cloth filter from the plastic filter,
twist the plastic filter in a clockwise direction.
• Remove the inner cloth filter and shake or lightly brush any
loose dust off both filters.
Projectile/Respiratory Hazard: Never use the vac

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