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Adjusting The Volume; Setting Colour Temperature And Colours - Fujitsu E22T-7 LED Operating Manual

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Adjusting the volume


Setting colour temperature and colours

Adjusting the display of the OSD menu
OSD Timeout
Call the Audio setting window
Set the volume for playback with the integrated loudspeakers
Switch the loudspeakers off or on
Call the Colour setting window
Select the colour temperature
The "warmth" of the screen colours is set using the colour temperature. The
colour temperature is measured in K (= Kelvin). You can choose between
sRGB, 6500 K, 7500 K, 9300 K, Native and Custom Colour.
In the user-defined setting you can change the colour ratios of the basic
colours (red, green, blue) as required.
Calling the OSD Setup adjustment window
Selecting the language for the OSD menu
With this function you select the language for the OSD menu.
The default setting is English.
Setting the display duration of the OSD menu
With this function you can select a value from 10 to 120 seconds.
If the set time expires without a setting being made, the OSD menu is
automatically hidden.