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When The Appliance Is Switched On - Siemens SE 65M352 Instructions For Use End Installation

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... when the appliance
is switched on
The appliance does not start.
The mains fuse has tripped.
The appliance plug has not been
The appliance door has not been
shut properly.
The tap has not been turned on.
The filter on the water supply hose
is blocked.
Switch off the appliance and pull
out the mains plug. Turn off the
tap. Then clean the filter which is
situated at the connection of the
supply hose. Finally, restore the
power, turn on the tap and switch
on the appliance.
... with the appliance itself
Lower spray arm rotates with
Spray arm is blocked by small
items or food remains.
Lid in detergent compartment
cannot be closed
Detergent compartment has been
Mechanism is clogged with
remnants of detergent.
Indicator lamps do not extinguish
after washing has finished.
Indicator lamps do not extinguish
after washing has finished
Main switch is still set to ON.
Downloaded from Manuals
"Check water supply" display
lights up.
Tap turned off.
Water supply interrupted.
Filter in the water supply blocked.
Supply hose kinked.
Remnants of detergent stuck inside
Compartment was damp when it
was filled up with detergent.
Compartment must be dry before
detergent is added.
Refill display does not light up.
Rinse aid refill indicator switched
off. (see auto 3in1 chapter)
Salt refill indicator switched off.
(see auto 3in1 chapter)
Water remains inside appliance
after programme has ended
Blockage or kink in drainage hose.
Pump is jammed.
Filters are blocked.
The programme is still running.
Wait for the programme to end
(numerical display will indicate 0).
Perform "Reset" function.
... during washing
Unusual amount of foam is created
Normal washing up liquid has
been poured into the rinse-aid
Remove any spilled rinse aid with
a cloth as it could otherwise lead
to excessive foaming during the
next washing cycle.
Appliance stops suddenly while
washing is taking place
Cut in electricity supply to
Water supply has been


Table of Contents