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Fault Finding; Resolving Minor Problems Yourself - Siemens SE 65M352 Instructions For Use End Installation

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Pump *
on applicable models
Larger remnants of food that have not
been trapped by the filters and have been
left in the water can cause a blockage in
the pump. The water is no longer pumped
out of the dishwasher and it can be seen
covering the filter.
Proceed as follows:
First, always disconnect the appliance
from the power supply.
Ladle out as much water as possible.
Remove the filters
Undo the screw in the cover (Torx T 20)
and remove the cover.
Inspect the inside and remove any
obstructions that you find.
Re-insert the cover and screw down.
Re-insert the filters and screw down.
Torx T20
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Fault finding

Resolving minor problems
Experience has shown that you can
resolve most problems that arise during
normal daily usage yourself, without
having to call out a service engineer. Not
only does this save costs, but it also
means that the appliance is available for
use again that much sooner. The following
list of common occurrences and their
remedies should help you identify the
causes of most problems.
Problems ...
Remember: Repairs may be carried out by
a technician only. If a component has to be
replaced, ensure that only original spare
parts are used. Improper repairs or use of
non-original spare parts may cause
considerable damage and put the user at
considerable risk.


Table of Contents