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Siemens SE 65M352 Instructions For Use End Installation page 29

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Table of Contents
Disposal of the packaging
Please dispose of the packaging
material in an environmentally
friendly manner.
Keep children away from shipping
carton and packaging components.
Danger of suffocation from folding
cartons and plastic film.
D Corrugated cardboard consists
mainly of wastepaper.
D The moulded polystyrene parts do
not contain any
D The polyethylene film (PE) consists
partly of secondary raw materials.
D The wooden frames (if fitted) are
made of untreated residual wood.
D The hoops (if fitted) consist
of polypropylene (PP).
Disposal of redundant
Make redundant appliances unusable
to prevent subsequent accidents.
Dispose of the appliance in an
environmentally friendly manner.
Downloaded from Manuals
Children could become locked in the
appliance (risk of suffocation) or find
themselves in other dangerous situations.
Therefore: Pull out the mains plug, sever
and dispose of the power cord.
Destroy the door lock so that the door
can no longer be closed.
This appliance is labelled in accordance
with European Directive 2002/96/EG
concerning used electrical and electronic
appliances (waste electrical and electronic
equipment – WEEE). The guideline
determines the framework for the return
and recycling of used appliances as
applicable throughout the EU.


Table of Contents