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Power Cable; Transporting The Device; Cleaning The Device - Fujitsu SCENICVIEW P17-3P Operating Manual

Professional monitor
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Important notes
Use a screen saver with moving images and activate the power management for
your monitor to prevent still images from "burning in".
If you operate the device with the swivel arm or wall bracket, it may not be turned by 180°.
The device must only be operated in landscape mode (0°) and portrait mode (90°). The
control buttons are located in the middle of the bottom of the monitor in landscape mode
(0°) and at the left-hand side of the monitor in portrait mode (90°).
Store this manual close to the device. If you pass the device on to third
parties, you should pass this manual on with it.

Power cable

Use the supplied power cable only.
Use the following guidelines if it is necessary to replace the original cable set.
The female/male receptacles of the cord set must meet IEC60320/CEE-22 requirements.
The cable has to be HAR-certified or VDE-certified. The mark HAR or
VDE will appear on the outer sheath.
For devices which are mounted on a desk or table, type SVT or SJT cable sets may be
used. For devices which sit on the floor, only SJT type cable sets may be used.
The cable set must be selected according to the rated current for your device.
If necessary, replace the original power cable with a regular grounded 3-core mains lead.

Transporting the device

Transport all parts separately in their original packaging or in a packaging which
protects them from knocks and jolts, to the new site.
Do not unpack them until all transportation manoeuvres are completed.

Cleaning the device

Switch off the device and unplug the power plug.
Do not clean any interior parts yourself, leave this job to a service technician.
Do not use any cleaning agents that contain abrasives or may corrode plastic.
Ensure that no liquid enters the device.
The display surface of the device is sensitive to pressure and scratches. Clean
it only using a soft, slightly moistened cloth.
The surface of the casing can be cleaned with a dry cloth. If particularly dirty, use a cloth that
has been moistened in mild domestic detergent and then carefully wrung out.
A26361-K1240-Z120-7619, edition 1



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