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Care And Maintenance; Blade Maintenance - Black & Decker GX295 User Manual

Hover mower
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Do not adopt the method shown in
Fig. Gb, working towards the cable,
as this can be dangerous.
Your mower will continue to operate whilst
you are pressing the switch lever. If you
release it for any reason you will not be able
to press it again until you have pressed the
safety lock-off switch on the switch box.
This feature prevents accidental restart.
When you have finished using your mower
we recommend that you clean all debris
from it before putting it away. Refer to the
"Care and maintenance" section.
Note: To obtain the best results cut your
lawn or grassed area regularly and do not
cut when the grass is wet.
The plastic cutter blade system
(Fig. H)
The plastic blade system can be used for
safer cutting in normal conditions. It should
not be used to cut tough or long grass as
the plastic blades are not designed for
this purpose.
The blade carrier on your mower is
permanently fixed.
A number of spare blades are supplied with
your mower.
Warning! Disconnect your mower from the
electrical supply before fitting the plastic
blade system.
Attach two plastic blades (33) to the
blade carrier (35) by placing one blade on
each blade pivot (34) and pull the blades
outwards so that they are locked into
position. Ensure the blade is the correct
way up.
Your mower is now ready for use.

Blade maintenance

Warning! Never fit metal cutting elements to
your mower.
Plastic blades
Plastic blades will wear during use. This type
of blade cannot be sharpened and should be
discarded and new blades fitted when worn.
Note: Plastic blades should be replaced in
pairs, not singly.
Additional blades may be purchased from
your Black & Decker service agent.
Warning! When fitting a new blade use only
the Black & Decker replacement part
specified for your mower - do not attempt to
fit any other blade.
Fitting a new blade
Observe all the relevant warnings before
changing blades.
Details on the fitment of new plastic blades
are given in "The plastic cutter blade system".
Handy hints
Before starting your mower on grass always tilt it
to one side slightly and allow it to run up to
maximum speed before commencing to cut the
grass. This will maximise the hover effect and will
prevent the blades from digging into the grass.
Use the plastic blade system for maintaining your
lawn but do not use it for any heavy work.

Care and maintenance

The advice given in this section covers the
general care and maintenance of the main
body of your mower. Advice relating to the
blades is given in "Maintenance of blades".
Warning! Do not use a cable which
shows signs of damage. Fit a new cable
completely - do not make any permanent or
temporary repairs.
Always keep your mower clean and free
from grass cuttings, especially the under-
side of the cutter cover and the air vents.
Check all electrical cables at regular
intervals, looking for signs of wear,
abrasion or other damage.
At the end of each cutting session we
recommend that the build up of grass on
the underside of the cutter cover is
removed using a blunt scraper or the
spanner supplied.
Remove grass cuttings from the slot
between the pivot block flanges.
Clean all plastic components with a
damp cloth.
Caution: Do not use solvents or cleaning
fluids as these may damage the plastic
components of your mower.
Fault finding
If your mower does not operate correctly,
use the following table to locate the problem.
Warning! Always disconnect your mower
from the electrical supply before carrying out
any inspection.