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Fault Finding; Care And Maintenance; Hints For Optimum Use - Black & Decker GFC1234 User Manual

Black & decker cordless rotary lawnmower user manual
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Using a cloth placed over the blade or
heavy duty gloves to protect your
hands, grip the blade and, using a
spanner, loosen and remove the nut
from the motor spindle. Turn the nut in
an anti-clockwise direction to loosen it.
The blade can now be replaced and
the washer and nut reassembled.
Note: Some mowers are fitted with a clutch
washer, between the blade nut and the blade,
which must be reassembled at all times.
Overload protection (Fig. H)
Your machine is fitted with overload
protection. If you work too quickly in
long grass, or in heavy conditions, you
may overload the motor. If this occurs,
the safety key fuse will blow, causing the
machine to stop.
This is not a fault of the machine but a
safety device to protect your machine.
When this occurs, remove the safety key
and inspect the fuse link. If link is broken,
the fuse has blown and needs to be
replaced with a new fuse. One of which is
supplied as a spare in your parts pack.
Alternatively, you can purchase a new key
from any Black & Decker service centre.
To obtain the best results:
Cut the grass regularly.
Do not cut wet grass.
When the grass is longer than 10cm
(4 inches), it is advisable to go over the
lawn on a high cut setting and then finish
using a lower setting.

Care and maintenance

The advice given in this section covers the general care
and maintenance of the main body of your mower.
Advice relating to the blades is given in "Maintenance of
blades". Advice relating to the maintenance and
storage of the battery is given in "Battery information".
Always keep your machine clean and free from
grass cuttings, especially the underside of the
cutter deck and the air vents.
At the end of each cutting session we
recommend that the build up of grass on the
underside of the cutter cover is removed using a
blunt scraper, the spanner included with this
mower may be used for this purpose.
Clean all plastic components with a damp cloth.
Caution! Do not use solvents or cleaning fluids
as these may damage the plastic components of
your mower.

Hints for optimum use

When cutting long grass, set the
mower to the highest height of cut.
Fully charge the battery before first use.
Charge the battery immediately after use.
Before storing, fully charge the battery.
Do not store the mower or battery at
extreme temperatures.
If the battery is stored for a long period
of time, regularly charge it.
Note that after prolonged storage the
battery will only attain full capacity after
several discharge/charge cycles.

Fault finding

If your mower does not operate correctly, use the
following table to locate the problem.
Mower does not run
(a) Check to make sure safety key
when switch lever
has been inserted correctly.
is activated
(b) Remove the safety key, turn
mower over and check that the
blade is free to turn.
(c) Has battery been fully charged?
(d) Check that the fuse has
not blown.
Mower stops when mowing
(a) Remove safety key. Turn
mower over and check that blade
is free to turn.
(b) Raise cutting height of wheels
and start mower.
(c) Has battery been fully charged?
(d) Inspect safety key fuse link, if
broken the safety key has blown
and requires replacement.
Mower runs but cutting
(a) Has battery been fully charged?
performance is poor
(b) Battery may need replacing.
Refer to 'Battery disposal' section.
Mower is too hard to push
(a) Raise cutting height to
reduce drag on grass. Check
each wheel for ease of rotation.
Mower is abnormally noisy
(a) Remove safety key. Turn unit
and vibrates
on its side and check blade for
damage. If damaged replace with
Black & Decker replacement blade.
(b) If there is no visible damage
to the blade or underside of the
mower return to your local service
centre or authorised dealer.



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