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Care And Maintenance; Fault Finding - Black & Decker GX530 User Manual

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On long grass, above 10cm (4 inches), use two
cuts to get a close finish. We recommend that
the first cut should be taken with the blade set at
maximum height of cut and the second taken
with it set at medium or close. This will prove to
be easier and give a better overall finish to
your lawn.

Care and maintenance

The advice given in this section covers the
general care and maintenance of the main
body of your mower. Advice relating to the
blades is given in "Maintenance of blades".
Warning! Do not use an extension cable
which shows signs of damage. Fit a new
cable completely - do not make any
permanent or temporary repairs.
Always keep your mower clean and free
from grass cuttings, especially the
underside of the cutter cover and the air
Check all electrical cables at regular
intervals, looking for signs of wear,
abrasion or other damage.
At the end of each cutting session we
recommend that the build up of grass on
the underside of the cutter cover is
removed using a blunt scraper or the
spanner supplied.
Remove grass cuttings from the slot
between the pivot block flanges.
Clean all plastic components with a
damp cloth.
Caution: Do not use solvents or cleaning
fluids as these may damage the plastic
components of your mower.

Fault finding

If your mower does not operate correctly,
use the following table to locate the problem.
Warning! Always disconnect your mower
from the electrical supply before carrying out
any inspection.
Possible cause Remedy
Motor buzzes
Blade jammed. Disconnect from
but blade does
not move.
No noise and
Faulty electrical Disconnect from
the blade does
not move.
the electrical
Remove the
obstruction from
the blade.
the electrical
Possible cause Remedy
No noise and
Faulty electrical Plug your mower
the blade does
not move.
Overload cut-
out operates.
Grass not being The grassbox
picked up.
is full.
The pickup inlet Remove grassbox
in the grassbox and clear the hole
is blocked.
Air paths are
The cut height
is too low in
long grass.
Your mower
is being moved in a straight line to
side to side.
Motor stalled.
The motor is
overloading in
long, thick
Poor cutting
Blade damaged Disconnect from
due to impact
on large stones, supply. Check the
tree stumps,
paving stones or Replace with a
similar objects.
into an alternative
electrical supply.
Check if a new
fuse is required.
Re-tighten and
check all electrical
connections in the
extension cables.
Reset overload
Empty the
in the base.
Remove grassbox
and clear the filter
in the roof of the
Also clean the
filter on the back
of your mower.
Disconnect from
the electrical
supply. Reset
the blade height
to a higher
Push your mower
maximise pick up.
Disconnect from
the electrical
supply. Reset the
blade height
to a higher
the electrical
blade for damage.
new blade,
if necessary.

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Table of Contents

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