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Height Of Cut Adjustment - Black & Decker GX295 User Manual

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Note: Do not use a spanner or other
implement to tighten the wing nuts.
With the upper and lower handles
assembled, fit the switch box to the upper
handle, as follows:
Note: The switch box must be positioned on
the right-hand side of your mower.
Ensure that the electrical supply cable is
not twisted before you begin to assemble
the handle.
Locate the two pins on the switch box (13)
with the holes in the upper handle (12).
Fit the retaining plate (23) over the stem
of the handle (12) ans secure in position
using the two screws (24) provided.
Note: Do not overtighten these screws - light
pressure will be sufficient to hold the switch
box in position.
Finally, secure the electrical supply cable
to the lower handle using the cable clip
(17) supplied.
Handle operation (Fig. E)
The handle has three positions, two storage
(park) positions and one operating position.
Positions 1 and 3 in Fig. E are the storage
(park) positions and F is the operating range.
For storage purposes, the handle assembly
can be set to position 2 or 3, as follows:
With the handle in its working range F,
pivot the handle downwards until it
contacts the stops on the end of the
handle tube. This is the park position
2 for the handle.
The handle can be moved to a park
position 3. Push the handle upwards in
the working range F, to the top position
1. Pull the handle upwards. While still
pulling the handle upwards, pivot the
handle down towards the ground to
position 3.

Height of cut adjustment

Your mower has one height of cut and can not
be adjusted.
Carrying your mower
Disconnect your mower from the mains.
Remove the grassbox (if fitted), lower the handle to
the flat "park" position and then, holding one handle
near the pivot block and carry with the blade pointing
away from you.
How to use your mower (Fig. F & G)
Observe all the relevant warnings when
using your mower.
We recommend the directional method of
operation to obtain maximum cutting
performance from your mower and to reduce
the risk of the trailing extension lead from
entering the cutting path.
Place the bulk of the extension cable
on the lawn close to the starting point
(Fig. Ga position 1).
Your switch box incorporates a cable
restraint. To fix the cable to the restraint,
proceed as follows:
Bring the socket end of the extension
cable from behind and connect it to your
mower plug.
Form a loop on your extension cable
close to the switchbox.
Push the loop through the slot from
the opposite side of the restraint hook,
position the loop over the hook and
pull the cable back through the slot.
Your cable will now be restrained.
The extension cable should now fall
away from your mower and behind the
operator, ready for use.
Warning! Do not attempt to operate your
mower with one hand - you must guide it
with both hands.
Lift the handle up to release it from the
park position.
Tilt the unit slightly on its side to reduce
the risk of lawn damage whilst starting,
depress the safety lock-off button (15)
on the switchbox (13) (Fig. D), and whilst
still depressed pull the switch lever (14)
towards you. Your mower will start, and
you can now allow it to return to its
proper cutting position, and commence
Proceed down the cutting area as
shown in Fig. Ga, working from position
1 towards position 2 and, on reaching
position 2, turn to the right and proceed
towards position 3. Continue to the end
of the cutting area, turn to the left, and
proceed towards position 4. Continue in
the same manner as shown in Fig. Ga,
always working away from the cable.