Pioneer XDJ-R1 Quick Start Manual

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The Pioneer DJ support site shown above offers FAQs, information on software and various other types of
information and services to allow you to use your product in greater comfort.
Le site de support DJ de Pioneer indiqué ci-dessus propose une FAQ, des informations sur le logiciel et divers
types d'informations et de services qui permettent une utilisation plus confortable de ce produit.
Thank you for buying this Pioneer product. This manual includes material to be read before using the product
and descriptions of basic connections, settings and operations for simple use of the product. For more
detailed explanations of usage procedures, see the "Operating Instructions" on the included CD-ROM.
Merci pour l'achat de ce produit Pioneer. Ce manuel comprend le matériel à lire avant d'utiliser le produit et
les descriptions des raccordements, réglages et opérations de base pour un usage élémentaire de ce produit.
Pour plus de détails sur l'emploi, reportez-vous au "Mode d'emploi" sur le CD-ROM fourni.
Read Before Use (Important)/Quick Start Guide
A lire avant l'utilisation (Important)/Guide de démarrage rapide



  Summary of Contents for Pioneer XDJ-R1

  • Page 1 Le site de support DJ de Pioneer indiqué ci-dessus propose une FAQ, des informations sur le logiciel et divers types d’informations et de services qui permettent une utilisation plus confortable de ce produit.
  • Page 2 Thank you for buying this Pioneer product. Please read through these operating instructions so you will know how to operate your model properly. After you have finished reading the instructions, put them away in a safe place for future reference.
  • Page 3 CAUTION Information to User TO PREVENT THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT Alterations or modifications carried out without REMOVE COVER (OR BACK). NO USER-SERVICEABLE appropriate authorization may invalidate the user’s PARTS INSIDE. REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED right to operate the equipment. SERVICE PERSONNEL.
  • Page 4 (including products supported by this unit). • Pioneer is not responsible for any malfunction of the compatible Pioneer product due to communication error/malfunctions associated with your network connection and/or your connected equipment.
  • Page 5 Nous vous remercions d’avoir acquis un produit Pioneer. Veuillez lire attentivement ce mode d’emploi afin de connaître la manière d’utiliser l’appareil comme il convient. Cela fait, conservez le mode d’emploi de façon à pouvoir vous y référer en cas de nécessité.
  • Page 6 être posés de façon à ne pas être écrasés. Un câble abîmé peut provoquer un risque d’incendie ou un choc électrique. Vérifier le câble d’alimentation de temps en temps. Contacter le service après-vente PIONEER le plus proche ou le revendeur pour un remplacement. S002*_A1_Fr Condensation Des gouttelettes d’eau (condensation) peuvent se...
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Contents How to read this manual ! In this manual, names of channels and buttons indicated on the product, names of menus in the software, etc., are indicated within square brackets ([ ]). (e.g. [MASTER] channel, [ON/OFF], [File] menu) Before start Features .......................
  • Page 8: Before Start

    This unit is an integrated DJ player/DJ mixer carrying over the high oper- ing the [AUTO BEAT LOOP] control. The loop’s number of beats can ability of the Pioneer DJ products used in clubs throughout the world. be changed by turning the [AUTO BEAT LOOP] control clockwise or With it, full-fledged DJ performances can be held easily using tracks on counterclockwise.
  • Page 9: Before You Start

    ! Do not apply excessive force to the stand. Doing so may damage this Music files (MP3/WAV/AIFF) recorded on CD-R/-RW discs can be played. unit. ! Please note that Pioneer will accept no responsibility whatsoever for Max. 8 layers (files in folders beyond the 8th layer cannot be Folder layers played) damage to or malfunction of the device, injury, etc., due to the device...
  • Page 10: Playable Music File Formats

    ! Some USB devices may not operate properly. Please note that Pioneer will accept no responsibility whatsoever for loss of data  About 8 cm discs stored by the user on USB devices or other direct or indirect prob- 8 cm discs cannot be played.
  • Page 11: Functions Usable In Combination With A Computer

    Program, except to the extent expressly permitted by applicable About the included CD-ROM law, and then only after You have notified Pioneer in writing of Your intended activities. This unit can be used in combination with a computer when the software 3 Ownership.
  • Page 12 Optical drive Optical disc drive on which the CD-ROM can be read or otherwise, without Pioneer’s prior written consent. Any pur- Audio output to speakers, headphones, etc. (internal or external ported assignment, transfer or delegation by You will be null and...
  • Page 13 ! You can select the one you desire from multiple languages as long the privacy policy set forth by our company. as the language is supported by the system environment of your — Pioneer’s privacy policy can be viewed on the rekordbox online computer. support site.
  • Page 14: Connections

    Connections ! Connect the power cord after all the connections between devices have been completed. Be sure to turn off the power and unplug the power cord from the power outlet whenever making or changing connections. Refer to the operating instructions for the component to be connected. ! Be sure to use the included power cord.
  • Page 15: Connecting By Wireless Lan

    Making the wireless LAN connection Connecting by wireless LAN settings in the ENABLE mode With this unit, a mobile device supporting wireless LAN connections can be connected directly without using router, etc., to hold DJ perfor- mances using the mobile device application (remotebox). 1 Press the [INFO(UTILITY)] button for over 1 second.
  • Page 16 Cautions concerning security when using wireless LAN products Wireless LAN connections offer the advantage that because the infor- mation is exchanged between the computer, etc., and the wireless LAN access point using radio waves rather than a LAN cable, LAN connec- tions are possible as long as the devices are within the range of the radio waves.
  • Page 17: Part Names And Functions

  • Page 18: Power & Wireless Section

    2 TRACK SEARCH o, p buttons Power & wireless section Use these to search for the beginnings of tracks. 3 Jog dial ! Scratch When the [VINYL] mode is set and the jog dial is turned while touching a metal part on its top, the sound is played according to the direction and speed at which the jog dial is turned.
  • Page 19: Playback

     Selecting the playing speed adjustment range Playback Press the [TEMPO RANGE] button. Press the [f (PLAY/PAUSE)] button. The playing speed adjustment range switches each time the button is pressed. [WIDE, ±16, ±10, ±6] is displayed on the main unit display.  Pausing ! Adjustment is possible in units of 0.02 % when [±6] % is selected, 0.04 % when [±10] % or [±16] % is selected, and 0.5 % when [WIDE]...
  • Page 20 ! Loop playback cannot be performed properly if the BPM value is not 2 Press the [SLIP (CALL)] button. displayed. The mode switches to the slip mode. ! When auto beat loop is set, the cue point moves to the loop in point. 3 During playback, touch a metal part of the top of the ! When the [AUTO BEAT LOOP] control is pressed during loop play- jog dial.
  • Page 21 2 During playback or while pausing, press one of the Using the sampler function [HOT CUE/SAMPLER (A, B, C)] buttons at the point at which you want to set the hot cue. Four beats of sound can be sampled. Samples that have been stored can The point at which the button was pressed is set as the hot cue, and the be called out and played later.
  • Page 22: Using The Quantize Function

    — When library information is stored on the USB device: The informa- 4 INFO(UTILITY) button tion is displayed in the library browse mode. The music files are ! Press: displayed in the categories (album, artist, etc.) set with rekordbox. The main unit display switches to the information display mode. —...
  • Page 23  Changing the auto cue level 7 CROSS F. CURVE (THRU, ) (crossfader curve selector switch) The acoustic pressure level identified as a silent section with the auto This switches the crossfader curve characteristics. cue function can be selected from eight levels. ! The auto cue level setting remains in the memory, even when the 8 Crossfader power is turned off.
  • Page 24 Using a microphone Using the beat effect function This unit is equipped with four effect buttons. Effects can be applied to 1 Press the [MIC (ON/OFF)] button. the sound by pressing one of the effect buttons. 2 Turn the [MIC LEVEL] control clockwise. Press one of the [BEAT FX (TRANS, FLANGER, ECHO, The sound of the microphone is output from the speakers.
  • Page 25 SOUND COLOR FX These effects change in association with the [COLOR] controls for the different channels. 1 Press one of the [SOUND COLOR FX (NOISE, PITCH, CRUSH, FILTER)] buttons. This selects the type of effect. The button that was pressed flashes. ! For the types of effects, see Types of SOUND COLOR FX effects.