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Customizing Features / Options - Whirlpool WHESFC Installation And Operation Manual

Water conditioner
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Customizing Features / Options

The RECHARGE button is used to initiate an immedi-
ate recharge.
1. Press and hold the RECHARGE button until the
words "RECHARGE", "SERVICE" and "FILL" flash
in the display.
RECHARGE initiated
The conditioner enters the fill cycle of regeneration
right away. "RECHARGE" will flash during the regen-
eration. When completed, full water conditioning
capacity is restored. While water conditioner is run-
ning a recharge, the time remaining until the recharge
is completed will show in the display during all cycles
except for the Fill cycle.
NOTE: Avoid using hot water while the conditioner is
regenerating, because the water heater will
refill with bypass hard water.
If you do not want to start an immediate recharge, but
would like to schedule an extra recharge at the next
preset recharge time, do the following:
1. Press and release (do not hold) the RECHARGE
RECHARGE scheduled
The words "RECHARGE SCHEDULED" flash in the
display, and the conditioner will recharge at the next
recharge time. The word "RECHARGE" will flash dur-
ing the regeneration. When completed, full water
conditioning capacity is restored.
The water conditioner has a salt monitor indicator
light to remind you to add salt to the storage tank.
NOTE: You must set salt level each time salt is added
To set this monitor system:
1. Lift the salt lid and level the salt in the storage tank.
2. The salt level scale, on the brinewell inside the
tank, has numbers from 0 to 8. Observe the high-
est number the leveled salt is at, or closest to.
FIG. 20
3. Press the SET SALT LEVEL button until black
ovals correspond to the salt level number (See
Figure 22). At level 2 or below, the "Check Salt
Level" LED indicator will flash.
If you want to turn the salt monitor off, press the SET
SALT LEVEL button until "SALT LEVEL OFF" shows
in the display (See Figure 23).
The water conditioner is equipped with a tank light for
viewing the salt level in the brine tank. Push the tank
FIG. 21
light button on the electronic control once, and the
tank light will turn on. Pushing the tank light button
again will turn the light off. The tank light will auto-
matically turn off after a period of 15 minutes if the
tank light button is not used to turn it off.
to the water conditioner.
FIG. 22
FIG. 23

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