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Whirlpool WHESFC Installation And Operation Manual page 11

Water conditioner
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Excessive Weight Hazard
Use two or more people to move and lift salt
Failure to do so can result in back or other
1. Using a container, add about three gallons of clean
water into the salt storage tank.
2. Add salt to the storage tank. Use nugget, pellet or
coarse solar salts with less than 1% impurities.
During installation, the water conditioner wiring may be
moved or jostled from place. Be sure all leadwire con-
nectors are secure on the back of the electronic board
and be sure all wiring is away from the valve gear and
motor area, which rotates during regenerations.
1. Plug the power supply into an electrical outlet that is
not controlled by a switch.
NOTE: The water heater is filled with hard water and,
as hot water is used, it will refill with condi-
tioned water. In a few days, the hot water will
be fully conditioned. To have fully conditioned
hot water immediately, wait until the initial
recharge is over. Then, drain the water heater
(following instructions for water heater) until
water runs cold.
1. Install the system's top cover and salt lid.
2. Complete the programming steps on pages 13 & 14.
Installation Instructions
Small particles of carbon filtration material are generat-
ed during manufacturing and shipping, which will exit
the media tank with the first water flow. These carbon
"fines" are not harmful, but give the water a gray color
and should be rinsed down the drain before any water
from the conditioner is directed to the home's faucets
or water heater.
IMPORTANT: To avoid water or air pressure damage
to conditioner inner parts, and to flush
pipe chips or other residue from the
water pipes, be sure to do the following
steps exactly as instructed.
1. Make sure the water conditioner's valve drain hose
is hooked up and the open end directed to a floor
drain, laundry tub or other suitable type of drain.
2. The system should be connected to electrical power.
3. Place bypass valve(s) in "bypass" position (see
Figures 6 & 7). On a single valve, slide the stem
inward to bypass. On a 3-valve bypass, close the
inlet and outlet valves and open the bypass valve.
4. Fully open the house main water pipe shutoff valve.
5. Initiate a regeneration by pressing and holding for 3
seconds the RECHARGE button (see Figure 15 on
page 13). The valve motor will start running and the
valve will advance to the "Fill" position.
6. After you hear the valve motor stop running (valve
in "Fill" position), press, but do not hold, the
RECHARGE button. The valve will advance to the
"Brine" position.
7. After you hear the valve motor stop running (valve
in "Brine" position), press, but do not hold, the
RECHARGE button. The valve will advance to the
"Backwash" position.
8. Once the unit is in backwash, place bypass valve(s)
in SERVICE, EXACTLY as follows:
a. Single Bypass Valve: Slowly, slide pull the valve
stem outward toward service, pausing several times
to allow the system to pressurize gradually.
b. 3-Valve Bypass: Fully close the bypass valve and
open the outlet valve. Slowly open the inlet valve,
pausing several times to allow the system to pres-
surize gradually.
9. Let the water conditioner complete the backwash
and fast rinse cycles (takes about 20 minutes).
When the regeneration ends, the conditioner's valve
returns to the service position.

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