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Whirlpool WHESFC Installation And Operation Manual page 12

Water conditioner
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1. Slide open the salt lid, remove the brinewell cover
and pour about 90 ml (6 tablespoons) of household
bleach into the conditioner brinewell. Replace the
brinewell cover.
2 Make sure the bypass valve(s) is in the "service"
(open) position.
3 Start a recharge: Press the RECHARGE button and
hold for 3 seconds, until "Recharge Now" begins to
flash in the display. This recharge draws the sanitiz-
ing bleach into and through the water conditioner.
Any air remaining in the unit is purged to the drain.
4. After the recharge has completed, fully open a cold
water faucet, downstream from the conditioner, and
allow 190 liters of water to pass through the system.
This should take at least 20 minutes. Close the
Installation Instructions
To prevent air pressure in the water conditioner and
plumbing system, complete the following steps in
1. Fully open two or more softened cold water faucets
close to the water conditioner, located downstream
from the water conditioner.
2. Place the bypass valve (single or 3 valve) into the
"bypass" position. See Figures 6 & 7 on Page 7.
3. Slowly open the main water supply valve. Run
water until there is a steady flow from the opened
faucets, with no air bubbles.
4. Place bypass valve(s) in "service" or soft water posi-
tion as follows:
= Single bypass valve: Slowly move the valve stem
toward "service," pausing several times to allow
the water conditioner to fill with water.
= 3 valve bypass: Fully close the bypass valve and
open the outlet valve. Slowly open the inlet
valve, pausing several times to allow the water
conditioner to fill with water.
5. After about three minutes, open a hot water faucet
until there is a steady flow and there are no air bub-
bles, then close this faucet.
6. Close all cold water faucets and check for leaks at
the plumbing connections that you made.
7. Check for leaks around clips at conditioner's inlet
and outlet. If a leak occurs at a clip, depressurize
the plumbing (turn off the water supply and open
faucets) before removing clip. When removing clips
at the conditioner's inlet or outlet, push the single
bypass valve body toward the conditioner (See
Figure 14). Improper removal may damage clips.
Do not reinstall damaged clips.
If removing
...depressurize the
plumbing, then push
Bypass Valve body
toward conditioner
FIG. 14

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