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Diamond Blades - Husqvarna K750 Operator's Manual

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Diamond blades

Diamond blades consist of a steel body provided with
segments that contain industrial diamonds.
Diamond blades ensure lower costs per cutting operation,
fewer blade changes and a constant cutting depth.
When using diamond blades make sure that it rotates in the
direction indicated by the arrow on the blade.
Always use a sharp diamond blade. Sharpen the blade by
cutting in a soft material such as sandstone or brick.
Diamond blades are available in several hardness classes. A
"soft" diamond blade has a relatively short service life and
large cutting capacity. It is used for hard materials such as
granite and hard concrete. A "hard" diamond blade has a
longer service life and reduced cutting capacity, and should
be used for soft materials such as brick and asphalt.
Diamond blades are ideal for masonry, reinforced concrete
and other composite materials. Diamond blades are not
recommended for cutting metal.
Diamond blades for wet cutting
WARNING! Cool diamond blades for wet
cutting continuously with water to prevent
overheating, which can cause the blade to
break up and eject pieces that can cause
Diamond blades for wet cutting should have water poured
over them during the cutting to cool the blade and bond the
Diamond blades for dry cutting
Diamond blades for dry cutting are a new generation of
blades that do not require water cooling. However, the blades
will still be damaged by excessive heat. It is most economical
to allow the blade to cool by simply lifting it out from the cut
every 30–60 seconds and letting it rotate in the air for 10
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Table of Contents