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Toshiba VN-250SE Service Manual page 20

Heat exchange ventilators
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• Do not use in bathrooms or food preparation areas etc.
If you use the unit at the place of much soot and high humidity, the filter or the Heat Exchanger gets clogged
and disables you to use it.
• Use the Heat Exchange Ventilators in the ambient temperature of 40°C or less.
Never install the unit at the place where the flame likely reaches directly the unit. If you use it at the atmosphere of
more than 40°C for hours, it is likely to cause deterioration or deformation or damage of the resin part.
• Be careful of dewing and frosting.
As shown in the figure to the right, suppose a high temp. absorbing air condi-
tion A and a low temp absorbing air condition B are plotted on the air line
figure, then a high temp air A is heat-exchanged by the unit and goes out of
the saturation curve as shown by Point C. In this case, the unit will be dewed
or frosted. To avoid this, you are required to heat a low temp air B up to B' so
as to get C' below the saturation curve, before using the unit.
8-2. Local Procurements
• Switches are to be locally procured.
We recommend that you use a switch having more than 3mm distance to break contact and more than 15A
rated current.
8-3. Reference Sketch
Outdoor air conditions : Temperature range –10°C~40°C, relative humidity 85% or less
Indoor air conditions
Installation requirements: Same as the indoor air conditions
• Indoor air here means air in air-conditioned living rooms. Its use in refrigerators or other places where
temperature can fluctuate greatly is prohibited even if a temperature range is acceptable.
Example: Indoor air conditions
During cooling period : Temperature 27°C, relative humidity 50%
During heating period : Temperature 20°C, relative humidity 40%
Pipe Hood
(Outside Air)
Use conditions
: Temperature range –10°C~40°C, relative humidity 85% or less
Outside Intake Duct
Ceiling Suspension Bolt
Room Intake Duct
(Exhaust Air)
Room Intake Opening
(Supply/Exhaust Air Grill)
Heat Insulation
Exhaust Air Duct
Pipe Hood
– 20 –
Dry-bulb temperature (˚C)
Supply Air Duct
(Outside Air)
Inside Supply Opening
(Supply/Exhaust Air Grill)
(Supply Air)


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