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Check When Repair Work Completed - Toshiba VN-250SE Service Manual

Heat exchange ventilators
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Check after repair work
Check after reinstallation
[Check Point]
When the product was repaired (replacement of parts, etc.), be sure to perform a test run and check there is no
trouble on the following items.
(1) Insulation resistance
(2) Parts specified to
(3) Process on lead
(4) Tightening of screws
(5) Removal of foreign
matters in the unit
(6) Check power supply
(7) Check mounting
• After repair work, check whether there is a trouble or not referring to the
check points.
If the check is not performed, a fire, an electric shock or an injury occurs.
Before check, turn off the power supply of the distribution panel and power
• After repair work, perform a test run to check whether there is smoke/
abnormal sound or not.
If the check is not performed, a fire, an electric shock or an injury occurs.
• After reinstallation, check the following items.
• The earth wire is correctly connected.
• The power supply cord is not pinched in the product.
• The installation is stable without inclination or wavering.
If the check is not performed, a fire, an electric shock or an injury occurs.
When measuring the insulation resistance between the common
pin of the terminal and the metal section of the main unit under
condition that the power supply cord is not connected, the insula-
tion resistance keeps 10MΩ or more.
Especially check the following cases sufficiently.
• When the electric parts were replaced.
• Articles used at place with high humidity.
• Products used for 5 years or more.
If a part other than specified part is used, replace it with the
specified one.
Check whether there is slack or excessive tension of the lead wire
or not. Check the lead wire is connected firmly and the binding
process is surely performed.
Check the screws are surely tightened.
Check whether soldering chip, wire wastes, screws, and etc. are
remained or not in the unit.
And check there is no accumulation of dust in the unit.
Check the damage of the terminal block.
Check whether the specified power supply cable is used or not.
Check strength of the product mounting section.
There is no loosening of the mounting nut, etc.
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Measuring device/
DC500V megger


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