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Toshiba VN-250SE Service Manual page 6

Heat exchange ventilators
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1-3. WARNING/CAUTION Described in Installation Manual
Never fail to ask the sales office from which you bought the unit or the installing service shop to install the
unit. If you install it by yourself, any inappropriate installing works would cause an electric shock or a fire.
Carry out the installing works accurately in line with this installation manual. Improper practice of installation
could cause an electric shocks or a fire.
Choose the installing place where is endurable in quality as well as in weight, then install the unit accurately
with adequate strength and completeness of installation in accordance with the installation manual.
Otherwise, it is likely to cause an electric shock, a fire, a drop of the unit, thus causing the injury on the
human body.
Carry out electrical work in accordance with the laws and regulations prevailing in the country concerned,
technical standard and explanation for work, and make absolutely sure that an exclusive circuit is used.
Any insufficient capacity of power circuit and improper work can result in electric shock and fire hazard.
The external air intake opening should be positioned away from the exhaust openings of combustion gases
etc. The intake of such gases could cause a lack of oxygen in the room.
Netting or something similar should be provided at the external air intake opening to prevent birds etc.
interfering with the unit. Nests or other foreign objects should be removed.
That could cause a lack of oxygen in the room.
When the system is checked and the power cable undergoes maintenance, stop the operation, and switch
the exclusive circuit breaker "OFF". Otherwise, it could cause an electric shock.
Carry out the GND work. Never connect the GND wire to a gas pipe, a water supply pipe, a lightning conduc-
tor, a GND line of a telephone, etc. An incomplete GND wire is likely to cause an electric shock.
Provide an exclusive circuit breaker that can completely break contacts on all the poles by more than 3mm
through direct connection to the power terminals. Depending upon the environment for installation, it be-
comes necessary to install an earth leakage breaker.
When you want to pierce the metal duct through the metal lath or the wire lath or the metal plate of the
wooden facility, do not forget to insulate electrically between the duct and the wall.
Otherwise, it would cause an electric shock or an electric leakage.
Don't use other parts than specified (including the auxiliary parts) for installing works.
If you do not use the specified parts, it is likely to cause a drop of the unit, a fire, an electric shock, etc.
Install the outdoor duct in a falling gradient toward the outside so as to prevent water from coming in.
If it is not installed so, the building is likely to be flooded, wetting the household effects.
Heat-insulate the outdoor duct (including the indoor side, if necessary) to prevent dewing.
If heat insulation is not adequate, water likely goes indoor and wets the household properties.
When it is high humid and high temperature inside the ceiling, a ventilation system must be installed inside
the ceiling. Otherwise, it could cause a fire or an electric leakage.
Connect the power line and the connecting line with accuracy using the specified cables and fix them firmly
so as not to put the outer stress of the cables on the pin connecting area.
Incomplete connection or fixing is likely to cause a heat generation or a fire.
Install the power line and the connecting line with accuracy so the power source cover may not float.
If the installation of the power source cover is inappropriate, the pin connection area is likely to cause a heat
generation, a fire and an electric shock due to dust or powder.
Never install the unit near the place where there is a fear of leakage of an inflammable gas.
If gas happens to leak and stays around the unit, it is likely to cause a fire.
Don't use the unit at the other voltages than the rated one. It could cause a fire or an electric shock.
Do not install the unit in locations with large amounts of oily smoke, such as food preparation areas.
It could cause a fire.
Don't install the unit at the place of a high temperature or a flame. It could cause a heat generation or a fire.
Do not install in locations where harmful or corrosive gasses may be present (i.e. acidic, alkali, organic
solvent, paint gasses etc. from machinery or factories).
Installation in such a location could cause a gas-poisoning and a fire.
Do not install in locations with high humidity, such as close to bathroom etc. It could cause an electric shock
or an electric leakage etc.
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