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Black & Decker GLC2500 User Manual page 6

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Do not store in locations where the temperature may
exceed 40 °C.
Charge only at ambient temperatures between 10 °C and
40 °C.
Charge only using the charger provided with the tool.
When disposing of batteries, follow the instructions given
in the section "Protecting the environment".
Use your Black & Decker charger only to charge the
battery in the tool with which it was supplied. Other
batteries could burst, causing personal injury and damage.
Never attempt to charge non-rechargeable batteries.
Have defective cords replaced immediately.
Do not expose the charger to water.
Do not open the charger.
Do not probe the charger.
The charger is intended for indoor use only.
Read the instruction manual before use.
The charger automatically shuts off if the ambient
temperature becomes too high. As soon as the
ambient temperature has cooled down, the charger
will resume operating.
Charge only at ambient temperatures between 10 °C
and 40 °C.
Charging process completed
Additional safety instructions for grass trimmers
The following warning symbols are found on the tool:
Wear safety glasses or goggles when operating this
Warning! The cutting line will continue to run for a
few seconds after switching the tool off. Never
attempt to force the line to come to a standstill.
Keep people and animals at least 6 m away from the
cutting area.
Do not expose the tool to rain or high humidity.
Never allow children or any person unfamiliar with these
instructions to use the tool.
Wear stout shoes or boots to protect your feet.
Wear long trousers to protect your legs.
Before using the tool and after any impact, check for signs
of wear or damage and repair as necessary.
Before using the tool, check that your cutting path is free
from sticks, stones, wire and any other obstacles.
Only use the tool in the upright position, with the cutting
line near the ground. Never switch the tool on in any other
Move slowly when using the tool. Be aware that freshly cut
grass is damp and slippery.
Do not work on steep slopes. Work across the face of
slopes, not up and down.
Never cross gravel paths or roads while the tool is running.
Keep hands and feet away from the cutting line at all
times, especially when switching on the motor.
Take care against injury from the line trimming blade. After
extending new cutting line always return the tool to its
normal operating position before switching on.
Do not put the tool down until the cutting line has come to
a complete standstill.
Always ensure that the ventilation slots are kept clear of
Use only the appropriate type of cutting line. Never use
metal cutting line or fishing line.
Be careful not to touch the line trimming blade.
Never fit metal cutting elements.
Only use Black & Decker replacement parts and accessories.
Denotes risk of personal injury, loss of life or
damage to the product in case of non-observance of
the instructions in this manual.
Read the manual prior to operation.
Electrical safety
Your charger is double insulated; therefore no earth
wire is required. Always check that the mains
voltage corresponds to the voltage on the rating
plate. Never attempt to replace the charger unit with
a regular mains plug.
1. On/off switch
2. Lock-off button
3. Main handle



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