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Warranty; Accessories And Spare Parts En - Kärcher NT 611 Eco K User Manual

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Suction turbine does not run
 Check the receptacle and the fuse of
the power supply.
 Check the power cable and the power
plug of the device.
 Turn on the appliance.
 Check the swimmer.
Suction turbine turns off
 Switch on the disposal pump.
Suction capacity decreases
 Remove obstructions from the suction
nozzle, suction tube, suction hose, or
coarse dirt filter/flat-fold filter.
 Filter dedusting: Pull the handle out
several times and reinsert it.
 Replace the paper or fleece filter bag.
 Ensure the filter cover properly locks
into place.
 Clean or replace the membrane filter
under running water.
 Replace the flat pleated filter.
 Check drain pipe for leaks.
 Check for proper installation of the flat
pleated filter.
 Check the proper installation of the
coarse dirt filter.
Dust escapes during dry vacuuming
 Install the flat fold filter.
 Check for proper installation of the flat
pleated filter.
 Replace the flat pleated filter.
Disposal pump is not running
 Check the socket of the appliance.
 Free the stuck floater switch in the con-
 Release the stuck pump impeller in the
Disposal pump does not produce
 Route the disposal hose without kinks.
 Check the disposal hose for obstruc-
The warranty terms published by the rele-
vant sales company are applicable in each
country. We will repair potential failures of
your appliance within the warranty period
free of charge, provided that such failure is
caused by faulty material or defects in man-
ufacturing. In the event of a warranty claim
please contact your dealer or the nearest
authorized Customer Service centre.
Please submit the proof of purchase.
Accessories and Spare Parts
Only use accessories and spare parts
which have been approved by the man-
ufacturer. The exclusive use of original
accessories and original spare parts
ensures that the appliance can be oper-
ated safely and trouble free.
At the end of the operating instructions
you will find a selected list of spare parts
that are often required.
For additional information about spare
parts, please go to the Service section
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