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Crank Power; Aa Batteries; Solar Power - Kaito Voyager KA500 User Manual

Solar & crank weather alert multiband radio with cell phone & mp3/ipod charger
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This radio is designed for multiple power resources.
A) Five Ways to Power the Kaito Voyager
1) Crank Power (Rechargeable Batteries)
The rechargeable battery pack is already installed in the radio and will power all radio and flashlight functions.
To get started, open the battery compartment and simply plug the small white plug attached to the
rechargeable batteries into the slot to the left. All you need to do is turn the crank handle for about one minute
and it will generate ample power. On the front of the unit, the bottom right switch should be set to set the

2) AA Batteries

To use AA batteries, open the battery compartment on the back of the unit and insert 3 AA batteries making
sure the polarity is correct. Set the Power Selector to BATT/DC. To turn off the radio, set the power selector
to OFF position.

3) Solar Power

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Table of Contents

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