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Ac Power - Kaito Voyager KA500 User Manual

Solar & crank weather alert multiband radio with cell phone & mp3/ipod charger
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When set the power selector is set to SOLAR/CRANK, the solar panel will direct
power to the radio when exposed to sunlight or natural light indoors. When not
using the Voyager, you can easily charge the rechargeable batteries to full power
by having the unit near a window or in direct sunlight. The solar panel on the back
of the unit rotates a full 180 degrees so you can angle it for optimal charging.

4) AC Power

You can also power the radio by using an AC Adapter (optional) and plugging it
into any standard electric outlet and then plug the adapter into the „DC IN‟ jack on
the back of the unit. You can also charge the internal rechargeable batteries with this method. The DC charge
voltage is 4.5V-6.0V DC, the negative as shown. It is highly recommended to charge the battery 8 hours
or less for the first time use. You can order an adaptor directly from the Kaito website: or call 1-866-524-8676 ,(909) 628 6088

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Table of Contents

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