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Using The Batteries; Solar Power; Using The Flashlight - Kaito Voyager V2 User Manual

Am/fm/sw/noaa weather band emergency radio
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Using the Batteries

Rear View
Using the AAA Batteries
1. This batteries compartment is in
the bottom of the radio.
2. After installing the batteries, set
the [Power Switch] to
The Ni-MH batteries and AAA batteries (Alkaline or Rechargeable Batteries) is
supply power separately. And the AAA batteries is optional accessories.
User's Manual
Voyager V2
Using the Rechargeable Ni-MH
1. This built-in the Ni-MH batteries
compartment is in the rear of the
2. The rechargeable Ni-MH batteries
has been disconnected for transport-
ation and storage.
3. Before using the radio, please open
the batteries compartment and
connect the rechargeable batteries's
plug into its socket according to the
correct direction. Then set the [Power
Switch] to
Bottom View

Solar Power

1. Put the radio in the sunlight, make the solar panel of the radio is irradiated
directly by the sunlight.
2. If the sunlight is enough strong, the "CHA" indicator in the front of the radio
will be lit. That means solar energy can be used for the radio. The radio will
charging the Ni-MH batteries automatically.

Using the Flashlight

1. Set the [Multi-function Switch] to
2. Set the [Multi-function Switch] to
User's Manual
Voyager V2
Top View
position to turn on the flashlight
position to turn off the function.
Right Side View



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