Kaito KA29 Operation Manual

Am/fm/sw radio voice and radio recorder mp3 player from usb and micro sd card
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A radio for all
AM/FM/SW Radio
Voice and Radio Recorder
MP3 Player from USB and Micro SD Card



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  Summary of Contents for Kaito KA29

  • Page 1 OPERATION MANUAL KA29 A radio for all AM/FM/SW Radio Voice and Radio Recorder MP3 Player from USB and Micro SD Card...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS CONTENTS Thank you for purchasing Kaito KA29. Please read the RECORD RADIO............manual thoroughly before operating and keep this book MIC RECORDING............. in a safe place for future reference. PLAY BACK THE RECORDED FILES...... Included items: KA29, Lithium battery, USB cable CALENDAR...............
  • Page 3: Location Of Controls

    In radio mode: AM button In music mode: A-B repeat In radio mode: FM button, press to select FM stereo/mono listening KA29 FM AM SW Radio MP3/Recorder In music mode: Play/Pause In recording mode: Pause/Continue Menu button: Press to enter menu/sub-menu...
  • Page 4: Battery Power Supply

    BATTERY POWER SUPPLY Escape button: Press to exit LITHIUM BATTERY POWER SUPPLY Please use the lithium battery approved by Kaito In Main menu: Press to display time to power this product. A lithium battery is attached In recoding mode: Press to end recording and auto store the recorded file into the memory with this product.
  • Page 5: Charging By Pc

    BATTERY POWER SUPPLY MAIN MENU 2. To charge the battery, connect the Micro-USB LOCK/UNLOCK KEYS cable to the radio, the other end to a USB LOCK: Long press < >, all the keys except adapter. this key will be locked with the “ ”...
  • Page 6: How To Play The Radio

    RADIO FM F REQUENCY RANGE NOTE: SELECT FM FREQUENCY RANGE Press <EXIT> in Main Menu to display the time. When When listening to FM, press <MENU> to enter the time is displayed, press <MENU> to go to Main the below sub-menu: Menu.
  • Page 7: 9K/10K A M Tuning Steps

    9/10K A M T UNING STEPS TUNE IN STATIONS AC current can interfere with the radio reception, please 9K/10K A M TUNING STEPS use lithium battery to power the radio while tuning. When listening to AM, press <MENU> to enter It is not recommended to use the radio when charging the below sub-menu: the battery.
  • Page 8: Auto Tuning

    TUNE I N S TATIONS TUNE I N S TATIONS Auto tuning: Memory location 1. Turn on the radio and select [Radio] in Main M005 89.8 Menu. 2. Adjust the volume to an appropriate level and Memory Locations: choose your desired band. FM: M001 - M440 3.
  • Page 9: Mic Recording

    RADIO R ECORDING MIC R ECORDING NOTES: - Micro-SD/TF Card After storing stations into memory, you can use Memory - USB drive Recall to find the stored station quickly. All the stations that stored manually will be replaced MIC RECORDING when using Auto Search (ATS).
  • Page 10: Playing Music

    PLAYING MUSIC MUSIC PLAY PLAY AND PAUSE PLAYING MUSIC When the music is playing, press < > to In r adio off m ode,i nsert a micro SD/TF card or pause, the pause symbol “ ” will show on the a USB drive with MP3/WMA/WAV format music display.
  • Page 11: Repeat Mode Selection

    REPEAT MODE SELECTION TEXT BROWSER REPEAT MODE SELECTION DELETE MUSIC FILES When the music is playing, press < > When pause, press <MENU> to enter the to select repeat mode from the below: following settings: - File browser: Select music file - Repeat all - Delete file: Delete a single music file - Repeat folder...
  • Page 12: System Settings

    SYSTEM SETTINGS SLEEP TIMER SYSTEM SETTINGS SLEEP TIMER System Settings , select [Tools] - [Sleep timer], Select [System Settings] in Main menu, press press <MENU> to enter. Press < > or < > <MENU> to enter below settings: to adjust the auto turn off timer from 00 - 90, - System time select 00 to turn off the sleep timer.
  • Page 13: Contrast Set

    CONTRAST SET ALARM SET ALARM SET CONTRAST SET Select [Contrast] in System Settings, press In System Settings, select [Tools] - [Alarm]. Press <MENU> to enter the below settings: <MENU> to enter. Press < > or < > to - Alarm Off adjust from 00-16, press <MENU>...
  • Page 14: Reset

    RESET LINE-IN U disk directory: Auto turn on the radio with the USE AS AN ACTIVE LOUDSPEAKER music file in the micro SD/TF card or USB drive (LINE-IN) that selected. The radio has line-in function, can be used as Exit an active loudspeaker by connecting it to other media devices such as laptop, voice recorder or - Exit...
  • Page 15: Care And Maintenance

    CARE AND MAINTENANCE BATTERY SAFETY INFORMATION CARE A ND MAINTENANCE BATTERY SAFETY INFORMATION 1. Use the battery under normal conditions, 1. Keep it dry. Rain, humidity and other types of temperature: (0 - 35)°C, relative humidity: 65 ± liquids or moisture can contain minerals that may 20%.
  • Page 16: Specifications

    TROUBLESHOOTING SPECIFICATIONS TROUBLESHOOTING SPECIFICATIONS 1. Can not turn on the radio. Memory Supports micro-SD/TF card 64M-32G Possibly the battery drained, please charge Music f ormat MP3 W MA W AV the battery. Access rate MP3:16-320Kbps 2. Can not be connected to a computer. WMA:8-384Kbps Please do the connection in radio off mode.