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Siemens SIMATIC 577 Operating Instructions Manual page 21

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KeyTools (for key panel devices only)
SIMATIC KeyTools is one selection of the applications for your Panel PC. These applications
allow you to adapt key codes that are sent by the key panel of the control unit. SIMATIC
KeyTools consists of the following applications:
• Key code table: Loading and editing of key code tables
• WinCC hotkey function: WinCC hotkey function activation and deactivation
• Security features: Lock function that prevents two function keys from being activated
Calling up KeyTools
1. Call KeyTools using the "Start" menu and command "Settings > Control Panel > SIMATIC
2. Select the desired application and follow the instructions on the screen.
Malfunctions of the user software
For security reasons always use the "Security features". If you deactivate it nevertheless,
serious malfunctions of the user software may occur when the additional function keys and
softkeys F11 to F20 and S1 to S16 are used or if own key code tables are used.
SIMATIC Panel PC 577
Operating Instructions, Release 04/2006, A5E00795255
simultaneously. This prevents incorrect operations and undefined states of the user
For a detailed description of the SIMATIC KeyTools please refer to the help menu and
the application description on the "Documentation and Drivers" CD.
Operating Instructions (compact)
1.7 Commissioning