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Siemens SIMATIC 577 Operating Instructions Manual page 13

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Connection elements of the control unit
USB connection of the control unit
Guarantee for the IP 65 degree of protection
When the sealed cover over the USB interface is removed in order to connect a USB
component, the IP 65 degree of protection for the device is no longer guaranteed.
Use of USB devices
• Wait at least 10 seconds between the unplugging and replugging of USB devices. This
• When using standard USB peripherals, please bear in mind that their EMC immunity level
• The peripherals are developed and marketed by individual vendors. The respective
SIMATIC Panel PC 577
Operating Instructions, Release 04/2006, A5E00795255
also applies in particular to touch control in control units with touch screen panels.
is frequently designed for office applications only. These devices are adequate for
commissioning and servicing purposes. However, only industry-standard devices are
allowed for industrial operation.
manufacturers offer support for the peripherals. Moreover, the terms of liability of the
individual vendors or suppliers apply here.
1 connection USB 2.0 high speed / 500 mA
under sealed cover
Operating Instructions (compact)
1.6 Connecting