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Siemens SIMATIC 577 Operating Instructions Manual page 14

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Operating Instructions (compact)
1.6 Connecting
Soft power key
The soft power key can trigger two shutdown functions during active operation:
• Correct shutdown of the operating system and shutdown of the device
• Immediate switch-off of the device without correct shutdown of the operating system
Then you can start the device again in one of two ways:
• Restart via soft power key
• Restart via On/Off switch
To perform this function, press the key briefly with a pointed object.
This function is used to shut down the device when it no longer responds. Press the key
for approximately 4 seconds with a pointed object
Data loss
Although this function does not trigger a hardware reset, loss of data cannot be ruled out
as a result.
If you wait at least 7 s after shutdown and then press the key, the device will boot again.
After shutdown, place the On/Off switch in Position 0 and wait for at least 7 s. Then, when
you place the On/Off switch in Position 1, the device will boot up again.
Operating Instructions, Release 04/2006, A5E00795255
SIMATIC Panel PC 577