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Connecting Form C Dry Contacts - Total Protection Solutions ServiceTrack ST 080 Operating Instructions Manual

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Install SPD directly adjacent to the point of termination to insure conductor length is as short as possible
for optimum performance and protection.

2. Connecting Form C Dry Contacts

All ServiceTrack ST units come standard with one set of Form "C" dry relay contacts for the surge protective device status.
These contacts are for connection to a user-provided remote alarm and monitoring circuit. The relay contacts are rated
65VDC/150VAC with maximum switching power of 30WDC/60VA AC. See Figure 7 for the form C contact configuration and
terminal location on the monitor board. The annotations on the diagram match the markings on the terminal block.
When input power is present on all phases, terminals "NO" and "COM" are an open circuit and terminals "NC" and "COM"
are a closed circuit. The contacts change state when the unit has encountered failure to one or more phases.
The installer must provide the appropriate raceway and wiring for the monitoring circuit, observing the restrictions and
conduit openings illustrated in an earlier section of this manual. The installer must route the monitoring conductors to the
terminal blocks on the door-mounted main monitoring board. Route the wires to allow the door to be opened and closed
properly. Tighten screws on terminals to 3.5 in-lbs (0.4 Nm). This terminal block will accept wire sizes #28AWG to #16AWG.
#18AWG to #20AWG is recommended.
Fig. 7 Remote Monitoring Terminal Block
Contacts shown in energized normal state.
(No fault condition)
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