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Wiring Connection Diagrams - Total Protection Solutions ServiceTrack ST 080 Operating Instructions Manual

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WARNING: Check to ensure that a proper bond is installed between neutral and ground at the transformer
upstream from all 3-phase WYE, 3-phase high leg DELTA or split-phase ServiceTrack ST SPD (See NEC
Article 250). If the transformer is not accessible, check the main service disconnect/panel for the N-G bond.
Lack of a proper bond will damage ServiceTrack ST and void the warranty.

2. Wiring Connection Diagrams

Figures 1-5 show the electrical relationship between ServiceTrack ST and these five basic service configurations: Single phase,
2 wire; Split phase, 3 wire; Three phase, 4 wire WYE; Three phase, 3 wire DELTA and Three phase, 4 wire high leg DELTA.
Fig. 1: Single Phase, 2-Wire
Fig. 3: 3-Phase, 4-Wire WYE
Connections to the SPD are clearly identified. For 80kA
models, connections are made via pigtail leads supplied with
the unit.
For 120kA to 400kA models, connections are made to
terminals inside the SPD enclosure. These terminals are
marked with labels.
For 3 phase units phase A is marked as "PHASE A", phase B
is marked as "PHASE B" and phase C is marked as "PHASE
C". For split phase units, the phase connections are marked
"Phase A" and "Phase B". For single-phase units, the phase
connection is marked "Phase A". Neutral (if applicable) is
marked as "N" and ground is marked as "GND".
Fig. 2: Split Phase, 3-Wire
Fig. 4: 3-Phase, 3-Wire DELT
Fig. 5: 3-Phase, 4-Wire High-Leg DELT
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