Speed Chart; Care And Cleaning - Black & Decker BL2010BP Use And Care Book Manual

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Speed cHaRT

• Use for thick mixtures
1) Fast clean
• Combine drop of dishwashing liquid and hot
2) Stir/Mix
• Prepare sauces
• Remove lumps from gravies
• Reconstitute frozen juices, drink mixes and
• Prepare salad dressings
• Puree hot liquids
3) Blend
• Mix puddings
• Combine pancake and waffle batter or mixes
• Beat eggs for omelets and custards
4) Grate
• Grate hard cheeses and coconut
• Make superfine sugar
• Make cookie, cereal and bread crumbs
• Grind coffee beans, spices and chocolate
5) Beat
• Beat eggs for omelets and custards
6) puree
• Puree baby foods – fruits and vegetables
• Blend protein drinks
7) crumb
• Make cookie, cereal and bread crumbs
8) chop
• Chop fruits and vegetables
• Chop cooked meats
• Chop nuts, coarse-to-fine
9) liquefy
• liquefy frozen drinks
10) Smoothies / ice crush
• Crush ice
• Prepare smoothies and milkshakes
water to clean blender
condensed soups

care and cleaning

This product contains no user serviceable parts. Refer service to qualified
service personnel.
1. Before cleaning, turn off and unplug appliance.
2. lift blending jar by handle off power base.
3. Remove jar base by turning counterclockwise until loose.
4. Remove gasket and blade assembly.
caution: Blades are sharp, handle carefully.
5. Remove lid and lid cap.
6. Wash removable parts by hand or in your dishwasher. Place jar on bottom
rack and rest of parts on top-rack only.
• do not place jar parts in boiling liquids.
• do not immerse base in liquid. Wipe base with damp cloth and dry
• Remove stubborn spots by rubbing with damp cloth and nonabrasive
Note: If liquids spill onto base, wipe with damp cloth and dry thoroughly. do
not use rough scouring pads or cleansers on parts or finish.
QUicK cleaNiNG
For quick cleanup, combine 1 cup hot water and a drop of liquid dish soap in
the blending jar. Cover and blend on speed 1 for about 30 seconds. discard
liquid and rinse jar thoroughly.
For convenient storage, wrap the cord around the feet on the bottom of the
blender base.

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