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How To Use - Black & Decker BL2010BP Use And Care Book Manual

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product may vary slightly from what is illustrated.
† 1. Measuring cup lid insert (part # Bl2010WG-01)
† 2. lid
White Glass Bl2010WG (part # Bl2010WG-02)
White plastic Bl2010Wp (part # Bl2010Wp-02)
Black plastic Bl2010Bp (part # Bl2010Bp-02)
Red plastic Bl2010Rp (part # Bl2010Rp-02)
3. Handle
† 4. Blending jar:
Glass Bl2010WG: Glass, 42 oz. / 5 cups
(part # Bl2010WG-03)
plastic Bl2010Wp: plastic, 50 oz. / 6 cups (part # Bl2010Wp-03)
† 5. Gasket
Glass (part # Bl2010WG-05), plastic (part # Bl2010Wp-05)
† 6. Blade assembly
Glass (part # Bl2010WG-07), plastic (part # Bl2010Wp-07)
† 7. Jar base
White Glass Bl2010WG (part # Bl2010WG-08)
White plastic Bl2010Wp (part # Bl2010Wp-08)
Black plastic Bl2010Bp (part # Bl2010Bp-08)
Red plastic Bl2010Rp (part # Bl2010Rp-08)
8. Blender base
9. control panel
Note: † indicates consumer replaceable/removable parts

How to Use

This product is for household use only.
• Remove all packing material and any stickers from the product.
• Remove and save literature.
• Please go to to register your warranty.
• Wash all removable parts as instructed in CARe ANd CleANING section of
this manual.
• Wipe outside of appliance with a damp cloth; dry thoroughly.
BleNdeR JaR aSSeMBlY
1. Turn blending jar upside down and place flat on countertop or work
1. Make sure appliance is oFF.
2. Place foods to be blended into jar.
3. Place lid on jar; make sure lid cap is in place.
4. Plug power cord into outlet.
Note: When in use, do not leave blender unattended. When using hard foods,
such as ice, cheese, nuts and coffee beans, keep one hand on the lid to keep
blender in place.
5. press the High or low button; then select the speed that best suits your
desired task. To switch speeds, press the High or low button and the new
speed desired. (See Speed cHaRT on page 8.)
2. Put gasket on top of blade assembly. Place blade
assembly with gasket into bottom opening of the
jar with blades facing down.
3. Place jar base onto jar and rotate clockwise until it
is tight (B).
4. Turn assembled jar right side up.
5. Place lid with lid cap onto blending jar.
6. Uncoil power cord from storage area under the
Note: do not plug in the cord.
7. Place jar assembly on base, making sure it is
pressed firmly into place. (Jar base should not
extend more than ¹⁄
-inch above the rim at the top
of the base.) (c).
8. Blender is now ready for use.

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