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Lead-Free Solder; Characteristics Of Lead-Free Solder; Solder For Servicing; Soldering Iron For Servicing - Hitachi VK-S274R Service Manual

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Safety Precaution for Repair > Lead-Free Solder

1-4 Lead-Free Solder

To protect the global environment, lead-free solder is used in this product.
Be sure to read the following before soldering.
Be sure to wear protective goggles so that no solder smoke or scattered solder enters the eye during
servicing. Lead-free solder may scatter at high temperatures (600°C).

1-4-1 Characteristics of lead-free solder

The melting point of lead-free solder is 30-40°C higher than that of lead based solder.
Composition of alloy (wt%): Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu
Melting temperature: Approx. 220°C

1-4-2 Solder for servicing

It is recommended that you use lead-free solder whose characteristics are the same as that used in
this product, although it is also possible to service using lead based solder. However, if lead based
solder is used for servicing, some precautions are necessary. (Neglecting these could decrease
strength, causing malfunctions.)
Cautions when using lead based solder:
When replacing components, remove the lead-free solder previously used for soldered points as
far as possible.
For additional soldering, melt lead-free solder completely and mix well with lead based solder.
Never perform repair using the bare soldering iron tip without adding solder.

1-4-3 Soldering iron for servicing

It is recommended that you use a soldering iron with thermal control function, with which the
temperature at its tip can be set.
Lead-free solder melts at a temperature 30-40°C higher than lead based solder. Therefore,
workability will be reduced unless you use a soldering iron whose temperature is high, whose
temperature at tip does not change greatly (heat capacity is large), and that can be set to match the
work points.
Recommended soldering iron:
With thermal control function (temperature setting range: 320-450°C)
Recommended tip temperatures for different work points:
Circuit board with surface-mounted (chip) parts
Circuit board without surface-mounted (chip) parts
Chassis, metal shield
Work point
Recommended tip temperature
320°C ± 30°C
380°C ± 30°C
420°C ± 30°C
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