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List Of Adjustment Items; List Of Adjustments Needed After Replacing Major - Hitachi VK-S274R Service Manual

Color & b/w video camera
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Adjustment > List of Adjustment Items

6-2 List of Adjustment Items

6-2-1 List of adjustments needed after replacing major

The following table shows the adjustment items, their purposes, and whether or not check is
required after replacing major components.
The components shown in the table below are the minimum to be checked after replacing major
components: If several components have been replaced - or depending on the cause of a defect more
components may need to be checked.
Table 6-2-1 List of adjustments needed after replacing major
: : : : : CHECK
Data Initialize
Data Initilize (*2)
Electric Volume
CDS Sampling Pulse
Camera Adjustment (Adjustment)
Auto Iris
White Balance
[For VK-S274R/S274ER]
Chroma Gain
[For VK-S274R/S274ER]
Auto Focus
Zoom/Focus Tracking
AF Noise Level
Check of Zoom/Focus
Spot Noise
Spot Noise
*1: When replacing the EEPROM, be sure to perform all adjustments only after "Data Initialize".
*2: Since all adjustments must be performed any time "Data Initialize" is done, do not perform it
Purpose Adjustment
Initilizing EEPROM.
To suppress noise in the CCD sensor
output signal and maximize the signal
To set the iris control data.
To input the automatic white balance
control data.
To set the color satuation under the
reference color temperrature.
To set the out-of -focus correction level
during zooming.
To set the noise level in the autofocus
To check the autofocus adjustment.
To correct spot noise.
Electrical Parts
IC1001 IC1101 IC1201
6 - 5
Lens Block



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