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Electrostatic Protection Measures; Grounding For Prevention Of Electrostatic Damage; Cautions When Handling Optical Pickup - Hitachi VK-S274R Service Manual

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Safety Precaution for Repair > Electrostatic Protection Measures

1-3 Electrostatic Protection Measures

Semiconductor components, including optical pickups, may be damaged by static electricity charged
on clothes, human body, etc. Take great care when handling it to avoid electrostatic damage.

1-3-1 Grounding for prevention of electrostatic damage

Perform servicing in an environment where grounding is complete.
Grounding work bench
1) Lay out a conductive material (conductive sheet) or iron plate under the work bench on which
semiconductor components, such as optical pickups, are placed to ground the bench.
Grounding human body
1) Use an anti-static wrist strap to discharge static electricity charged on human body. Note,
however, that static electricity charged on clothes will not be discharged by anti-static wrist
strap: Be careful that your clothes do not touch the semiconductor components, such as optical
Anti-static wrist strap
1-3-2 Cautions when handling optical pickup - only for DVD products
1) The optical pickup has a high precision structure: Do not subject it to any impact.
2) Do not perform disassembly further than that described in this manual.
3) Never turn the semi-variable resistors in drive unit block.
Conductive material (conductive sheet)
or iron plate
1M ohm
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