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Work Area Safety - Husky 80-GALLON STATIONARY AIR COMPRESSOR Use And Care Manual

80-gallon stationary air compressor
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Safety Information (continued)


WARNING: Motors, electrical equipment, and controls can
cause electrical arcs that will ignite a fl ammable gas or vapor.
Never operate or repair in or near a fl ammable gas or vapor.
Never store fl ammable liquids or gases in the vicinity of the
WARNING: An ASME code safety relief valve with a setting
no higher than the maximum allowable working pressure
(MAWP) MUST be installed in the tank for this compressor.
The ASME safety valve must have suffi cient fl ow and pressure
ratings to protect the pressurized components from bursting.
WARNING: Never use plastic (PVC) pipe for compressed air.
Serious injury or death could result.
WARNING: This compressor is extremely top heavy. The unit
must be bolted to the fl oor with isolation pads before operating
to prevent equipment damage, injury, or death.
WARNING: Do not modify this compressor. Do not use
or create accessories not recommended for use with this
compressor. Alterations and / or modifi cations are a form of
misuse, which could result in a hazardous condition leading to
possible personal injury or equipment damage.
CAUTION: Do not use this compressor in an environment
where the air is contaminated or dusty. Using this compressor
in such an environment may cause equipment damage.
1. Keep visitors away from the compressor, and NEVER allow children in the work area.
2. Before each use, inspect the compressed air system and electrical components for signs of damage, deterioration, weakness, or
leakage. Repair or replace defective items before using.
3. Check all fasteners at frequent intervals for proper tightness.
4. If the equipment should start to vibrate abnormally, STOP the engine/motor and check immediately for the cause. Vibration is generally
a warning of trouble.
5. To reduce fi re hazard, keep the engine/motor exterior free of oil, solvent, or excessive grease.
6. Never attempt to adjust the ASME safety valve. Keep the safety valve free from paint and other accumulations.

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Table of Contents


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