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Personal Safety; Electrical Safety; Spraying Precautions - Husky 80-GALLON STATIONARY AIR COMPRESSOR Use And Care Manual

80-gallon stationary air compressor
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Safety Information (continued)


WARNING: Never operate the compressor without a
beltguard. This unit can start automatically without warning.
Personal injury or property damage could occur from contact
with moving parts.
CAUTION: Compressor parts may be hot even if the unit is
1. Wear safety glasses and use hearing protection when operating the unit.
2. Do not stand on or use the unit as a handhold.
3. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry that will get caught in the moving parts of the unit.
4. Keep fi ngers away from a running compressor; fast moving and hot parts will cause injury and/or burns. Compressor parts may be hot
even if the unit is stopped.


WARNING: Improper electrical grounding can result in
electrical shock. The wiring should be done by a qualifi ed
CAUTION: Improper electrical installation of this product
may void its warranty. Have circuit wiring performed by
qualifi ed personnel, such as a licensed electrician who is
familiar with the current national and local electrical codes.
1. Follow all local electrical and safety codes as well as in the United States, the National Electrical Codes (NEC), and Occupational Safety
and Health Act (OSHA).
2. Avoid body contact with grounded surfaces such as pipes, radiators, ranges, and refrigerators. There is an increased risk of electric
shock if your body is grounded.
3. Do not expose power tools to rain or wet conditions. Water entering a power tool will increase the risk of electric shock.
4. Replace damaged cords / wiring immediately. Damaged cords / wiring increase the risk of electric shock.


WARNING: Do not spray fl ammable materials in the
vicinity of open fl ame or near ignition sources including the
compressor unit.
1. Do not smoke when spraying paint, insecticides, or other fl ammable substances.
2. Use a face mask / respirator when spraying and spray in a well ventilated area to prevent health and fi re hazards.
3. Do not direct paint or other sprayed material at the compressor. Locate the compressor as far away from the spraying area as possible
to minimize overspray accumulation on the compressor.
4. When spraying or cleaning with solvents or toxic chemicals, follow the instructions provided by the chemical manufacturer.
Please contact 1-888-43-HUSKY for further assistance.

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Table of Contents


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